Shaketown Brewing Lower Lonsdale Shipyards District North Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Shaketown Brewing

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As we reported last year the newest craft beer location coming to the Lower Lonsdale Brewery District is called Shaketown Brewing. Which will be situated adjacent to North Point Brewing in the heritage area of the Shipyards District where they make awesome furniture and have great mechanics nearby. There is tons of history throughout that area.

The Lonsdale Avenue corridor of North Vancouver, in particular near the waterfront, is becoming very diverse and interesting, which is ideal for lifestyle needs when you want to live locally. Plus with all of the fun stuff to do in the neighbourhood, going downtown Vancouver starts to lose its appeal.

North Vancouver is becoming a mecca for craft beer and liquor and in the summer months there is even a North Shore Craft Beer Week and other events at The Shipyards beside Lonsdale Quay. The Wallace and Pipeshop Venues always seem to have fun things going on there.

The growing trend of new breweries opening in Lower Lonsdale was also recently covered on CBC News and the Vancouver Courier websites. Which is a good and bad thing, as of course we want more foot traffic to the areas local craft beer businesses, but it is also nice to keep things quiet and peaceful. So far the high density of beer makers has benefited all of them equally with shared foot traffic.

We expect Shaketown Brewing to open sometime in 2020 and once we find out more information we will be sure to update this article with the newest photos and news insights. We initially heard about this brewery while travelling on the Seabus from downtown Vancouver to North Vancouver and overhearing a conversation beside us that we took part in. Which goes to show you that getting out in the community and chatting with locals is the best source of news. Finding out the low down before it hits the media.

More to come very soon about this new opening!

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