Upper Lonsdale North Vancouver

Upper Lonsdale North Vancouver

In North Lonsdale when you come across Highway 1 you enter more of a suburban area with larger homes and townhouses lining the streets and older apartment buildings that have been remodelled near the top. This area is also referred to as Delbrook and borders beside Edgemont Village.

Upper Lonsdale is known for great views and accessibility to many of the North Shore’s outdoor activities including Grouse Mountain and endless mountain biking and hiking trails accessible on foot. There are literally miles and miles of trails to checkout, however always dress appropriately and prepare for varying conditions as the weather here changes quickly. You can find water falls and tons of flora and fauna. We strongly urge you to keep your garbage cans secure as there are bears in this area.

Living on this side of the Lonsdale Avenue corridor simply adds an additional 10-15 minutes of walking to your morning commute if you are going downtown Vancouver on the Seabus. Take the 229 or the 230 Translink bus. The cost of living here is slightly less than closer to the water and when you look out your condo window you can see nothing but trees for miles and an amazing view of the Burrard Inlet. Most of the streets in this neighbourhood have street parking and large yards with gardens and trees.

This area is home to the Queens Cross Pub and Queensdale Market, as well as community centres, parks with plenty of space and old growth trees. There is also the Upper Lonsdale Preschool and Gardening Club which are very active in the community. Not to mention a number of churches and places of worship. If you are a social person you will find lots of things to do here.

If you are raising a family and want a more quiet traditional lifestyle Upper Lonsdale would be a good choice for you. That’s not to say that the area isn’t geared for everyone. Many business owners and young professionals in North Vancouver choose to live in this neighbourhood as you can setup a home office where you live and the lifestyle amenities are truly outstanding with the ease of access throughout the corridor.