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Lonsdale Concierge

Hello and welcome to our concierge service page of the website. This is where we can help you with anything related to living, working or playing right here in North Vancouver. If you are new to the area or just need a question answered or a local referral, you can use the form below so we can help you.

Think of this service as chatting with a friend from the community who wants to ‘point you in the right direction’ for whatever you may need. Over the past few years we have worked with and supported hundreds of local business owners and organizations, and through that gained their trust and friendship. This allows us to be in a unique position where we can connect you in a sincere friendly manner with community stakeholders.

Lets say you want a restaurant recommendation, we can connect you with the head chef or owner to really cater your dining experience. Or if you want contacts at the City or District offices, we have direct lines of communication to all of their staff. Or perhaps you want to build a house, we know the best contractors. Or better yet, if you want a tour of the community or neighbourhoods to see where you may want to live. Basically anything related to the community that you need help with, we have the contacts for you. Service providers, professionals, business owners and more.

We are a digital magazine and marketing agency predominantly, but given the increase in requests for local referrals, we have setup this formal way to help you, members of the community, connect with one another and support local business owners. It’s really important to us that we help our community find what they need and it’s our pleasure to assist you. All of our staff and team members live and work right here in the Lonsdale Avenue corridor.

Anything you need, let us know using the concierge form below, and we can get you all setup for success.

This helps us to learn more about you
If a friend referred you, mention their name or similar
Outline what you are looking for, literally anything you need in the community