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Share Community Stories with our Vancouver Blog

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At Lonsdale Avenue Magazine we are a local blog about North Vancouver and the surrounding areas, as well as a digital marketing agency and consultancy, helping members of the community to tell their stories while getting their questions answered and learning to scale their business or organization. We want you, our readers, to feel as though you can lean on us to help tell your stories within our community. No matter how big or small you feel it may be. Sometimes even the most inconsequential feeling topic can really help people who need to hear about it.

As an example, if you have a new business starting, you are launching an updated menu for your restaurant, you are doing a fundraiser or helping a local charity, or want to share something about visiting here. Whatever is of interest and generally would benefit our North Shore Vancouver community, we want to hear about it. And we make this process very easy, all you have to do is email us some details and we can turn the email into a blog post for the magazine that we share across social media, our email newsletter and of course it will be accessible within Google search. If you have a local story of interest please consider doing the following to share it within the community.

How to Submit a Local Community Story

  • Send us an email directly to –
  • The subject line of the email should be the title of the blog post
  • Within the body of the email outline what you want to share
  • Keep in mind the email does not need to be perfect grammar, even voice to text is fine
  • Attach any images you may want us to use when we publish the blog
  • Include any website links, social media profiles or news articles about it
  • Do not send us file attachments besides images or photos, we will not open them
  • Speak from the heart and be as transparent as you can as it helps us publish the best content

Benefits Of Sharing Your Stories With Us

  • Whatever you send to us, we will edit it up nice to make it readable
  • Receive a unique blog post on our magazine to use and reuse over time
  • Reach new members of the community with your announcement
  • Take advantage of our high authority website in Google and Bing search
  • The content we publish goes across our social media channels and email newsletter
  • Insulate yourself form the competition with clear brand messaging points
  • Clarify the who, what, when, where, why and how aspects of your business
  • Allow us to help you and answer your questions while publishing blog content
  • The process is super easy and all you have to do is send us an email
  • Many businesses who work with us see a marked increase in new customers

As you may or may not know, the collective storytelling power of the community around us, through social media tools, far outweighs what any media website or newsroom can process and handle. The speed at which local stories travel around social media is far beyond what any single entity can keep up with. In that way, you are the story, and it’s evolving in real-time all around us. When you use apps like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and similar you can participate in conversations as they happen. And working with us to bring stories to our attention helps us spread the info wider and get other members of the community involved. Not every story is something you want spread widely, but most of the time having additional support from the community is worthwhile, that’s why we leave it up to you to reach out to us to share the things you are seeing on the ground here on Vancouver’s North Shore and throughout the surrounding areas. Large global brands spend millions of dollars a year to keep up with the current news cycle, but it still doesn’t compete with direct sharing from awesome people like you.

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  1. Jana Young

    Hi there! I’ve started a new social enterprise (I live in Central Lonsdale), where I deliver fresh-cut, artfully-arranged flowers in a small mason jar directly to doorsteps all over the North Shore. All proceeds support families in need, right now specifically a family from Mexico that is immigrating to Vancouver. If you’re interested I can share more photos of bouquets, etc, and I’d love to encourage local residents to buy flower subscriptions for upcoming Valentine’s Day! Thanks for the good work you do with your blog and agency, I’ve learned about great new places on the north shore because of it!

    1. Editor

      Thanks so much for your kind words and positive vibes, we will continue the conversation on email as we see that you have emailed us, and of course we would love to help you with this project. Long term we could even work together to raise money for local charities. Speak with you soon.

  2. Frezia shirzad

    Hi Lonsdale Avenue Magazine team, this is the real meaning of the community we have in North Shore. This website shows everyone it is true.

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