Central Lonsdale North Vancouver

Central Lonsdale North Vancouver

Located in the center of the Lonsdale Avenue corridor, Central Lonsdale is a culinary gem and local cultural hub. With laundry mats, cafes, bakeries, shops, restaurants, and plenty of other ‘mom and pop’ style businesses that make the area feel both welcoming and community focused. People from the area shop for fruits and vegetables at the markets along Lonsdale, stopping to say hello and catch up with neighbours on the days news.

Central Lonsdale is easily accessible by turning south bound off of Highway 1 onto Lonsdale Avenue. You will find many old growth trees, parks, and art installations along the roadways. Most of this area has street access parking for 24 hours. You can find electric vehicle charging stations and a skateboard and bmx park beside Centennial Theatre and across the street from there is the Harry Jerome Community Centre.

This is an ideal area to live as you can access either North or South Lonsdale while living right in the middle of all of the action. Allowing access to the Seabus for going downtown to work and also Translink bus system that goes all across the Lower Mainland from West Vancouver out into the Fraser valley. With the advent of ride hailing apps such as Uber and Lyft it makes it particularly easy to enjoy shopping at the many spots along the corridor. Even if you are just passing through town from Whistler or Squamish.

Recently in Central Lonsdale there has been a number of new business openings and one of the crosswalks was painted into a rainbow to support open dialogue about LGBT rights in the community of North Vancouver. You can find all types of cultures and people mixed throughout this area. Adjacent to 14th street and Lonsdale you can enjoy live music from buskers and street performers during the warmer months. There is a water fountain and public library nearby.

The best way to define Central Lonsdale in terms of comparisons to the rest of Greater Vancouver would be it’s like a mix of Kingsway area of Vancouver with the friendliness of Davie Street and the quirkiness of Commercial Drive. You can find tons of public seating near the school district building at 22nd street and Lonsdale right across the street from the Lawn Bowling Club.

Coming soon is a new Central Lonsdale BIA