Business Services


At Lonsdale Avenue Magazine we have an integrated content marketing platform that connects you with locals and international visitors. To make everything really clear and easy to understand, below are the services we offer.

Press Releases – if you have a local business, organization, group or similar and would like to let everyone in the community know about a special announcement send us your press release to the email below and we will publish it for you along with any photos you include.

Custom Content – when we write content for the magazine we try to keep things engaging and easy to understand, if you want us to write a custom article for your business or organization we can do that for you. We work directly with you to get the voice, tone and call to action working in unison.

Photography and Video – we have an awesome group of in house content creators who specialize in capturing the best quality photos plus filming and editing excellent videos for your local business or organization, this type of service goes great along with custom content and email marketing.

Email Marketing – we send out a weekly email newsletter to a very large list of local subscribers and we can include you on email campaigns linking to your website or similar, on top of creating custom content articles as above. When you combine custom content and email marketing you get the best results, both in terms of direct conversions and long term benefits.

Social Media – to get the word out many local business owners love to use Apps like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn and others. We can create a campaign for you leveraging the reach of our social media profiles and work towards getting you more followers and converting leads. Using this service works best with custom content, and unique photos and videos.

Website Advertising – we have very discrete and effective advertising systems on our website for the magazine, if you would like to do display advertising with a banner or text links we can help get you setup for maximum results while focusing on conversions. We can also target specific demographics and niches to best suite your needs. As an example seniors or young professionals.

Consulting – when it comes to doing business both locally and anywhere in general, you will often find yourself facing technology or internet related questions that are hard to find the answers to, as a result we offer in house consulting for all of your digital business and technology needs. Just ask. We have built every type of website imaginable within our group.

Workshops – ongoing each month we host workshops for local business owners and members of the community who want to learn about internet marketing, website development and have all of their technology questions answered in a group setting, these workshops are ideal for local businesses with a number of staff who want to train everyone simultaneously. Recent topics included artificial intelligence for customer service and 3D printing.

For more information or to submit documents email