Copperpenny Distilling Co Lower Lonsdale Shipyards North Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Copperpenny Distilling

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Coming to North Vancouver in the Lower Lonsdale Brewery District some time in 2021 is our newest North Shore craft distillery, called Copperpenny Distilling Co. What an exciting time to be in this industry with how many amazing talented companies are coming to the area.

Without a doubt we will become one of the top craft beer and liquor destinations anywhere in North America in the coming years if this kind of expansion continues to happen. This new location will have amazing cocktails, craft beer, wine and a bike valet for the community to use.

The arrival of these new businesses is a result of a talented and hard working City Hall where the Mayor and Councillors are doing a great job at listening to the needs of the community and welcoming businesses like this into the area. It’s the goal of the municipal Government to make North Vancouver one of the most healthy, vibrant and fruitful small cities in the world and they are doing an awesome job. In particular with the new Open City and Streets initiatives allowing expanded patios throughout the Lonsdale Avenue corridor and across Esplanade.

Copper Penny Distillery Lower Lonsdale Shipyards North Vancouver British Columbia Canada Logo

Once we have some time to chat with the owners Jennifer and Jan of this new distillery we will update this article with more content and photos, until then you can head over to their website and connect with them on Instagram and Facebook. As the construction process is still underway it may be a few weeks before we can get updated content or go through an interview process with them about their product offerings.

Customer service is or 778-802-3500

Main photo is a generic stock photo which will be updated.

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