Quick Facts Lonsdale Avenue North Vancouver

Did You Know? Quick Facts about Lonsdale Avenue

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Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver is not only one of the most beautiful High Streets in Canada it also has a deep history dating back to the original residents which were the Squamish First Nations and other First Nations communities from around the region who traded and settled here seasonally.

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Oldest High Street – Lonsdale Avenue is one of the oldest high streets anywhere in the Lower Mainland and is the heart of North Vancouver.

3 Micro Climates – When Upper Lonsdale has snow, Central Lonsdale can have rain and moisture, and Lower Lonsdale can be sunny and warm.

Ferry to Downtown – Back around 1900 a car ferry brought people and vehicles over from North Van to downtown, prior to the Lions Gate Bridge.

Streetcar 153 – Used to bring foot passengers up and down Lonsdale Avenue starting in 1908, originally built in New Jersey. It was fully electric.

Lonsdale Rail Tunnel – At the base of Lonsdale Avenue there was an underground railway system used to move people and freight locally.

The Keg Steakhouse – The first Key Steakhouse originally existed where the Think Tank Training media school now stands, built of red bricks.

Antique Furniture – East of Lonsdale Avenue at the base there are many antique and heritage furniture restoration businesses and shops.

Brewery District – The newly opened Brewery District in Lower Lonsdale is attracting many craft beer businesses, coming soon is Shaketown Brewery.

Shipyards History – The waterfront in Lower Lonsdale was once a mecca for building warships and large cargo ships, now it is the home of Seaspan.

Burrard Dry Dock – For years this dock has been used by the Canadian Navy, regional trading ships and as a function of building and repairing warships.

Lonsdale Quay Seabus – The Seabus transfers up to 30,000 people per day between downtown Vancouver and North Vancouver, leaving every 15 min.

Squamish First Nations – The First Nations were the original peoples who inhabited North Vancouver and have a deep history throughout the area.

Culinary Mecca – Dating back many decades and into modern times Lonsdale Avenue has been a mecca for mom and pop restaurants and eateries.

Lower, Central, Upper – Lonsdale Avenue is split into 3 distinct sections, Upper Lonsdale, Central Lonsdale, and the Lower Lonsdale waterfront.

Electric Vehicle Charging – The Lonsdale corridor has dozens of electric vehicle charging stations and this will continue to grow over time.

Multiculturalism – Nowadays Lonsdale has a deep sense of multiculturalism, with many people from Iran, India, China, Europe, Asia, and other regions.

How did it get its name? – Lonsdale Avenue is named after Arthur Pemberton Heywood-Lonsdale who was a wealthy land owner here before settlers came.

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  1. Scenery Slater

    Thank you. Fun facts! Who is it named for? What is the oldest building on the street? Is the Masonic Hall still used as a Masonic Hall?

    1. Editor

      Great questions and thoughts and we can add updates to this article to speak to those areas in the near future, thanks for your time in reading our content!

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