Junk Removal in North Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Junk Removal in North Vancouver

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Everyone needs junk removal services from time to time, whether that is for removing waste from an office, getting a local company to pickup recycling from your business or even for construction or renovation sites. Removing the junk yourself can be both expensive and tedious, so it’s always wise to use a top rated service provider to get the job done right. And knowing that the junk you have removed is getting reused or recycled is also important, as billions of dollars a year in gold, copper and other metals hits landfills without being properly recycled, which of course is not ideal and highly wasteful.

Here in the City of North Vancouver as well as the District of North Vancouver and into West Vancouver we have fairly good municipal services for removing your garbage, junk and recycling but not everything will be allowed through these channels. This is where finding the right local junk removal company is important as you will use them again and again and can even refer them to your friends or family. You should not have to stress and get anxiety over simply removing stuff from your property, there’s a better way to do it outlined below.

examples for a Junk Removal Company

-if you are downsizing, upgrading or changing your office space

-when building a new home, doing a renovation or remodelling

-any forms of demolition or deconstruction would need assistance

-when doing upgrades to commercial or industrial buildings or sites

-landscaping and yard maintenance also needs items removed safely

-the removal of old furniture, couches or chairs from a residence

-getting used electronics, laptops, computers removed from your school

-if you have chemicals or dangerous goods or materials needing removal

The purpose of this article is to outline some of the best companies here on the North Shore that do junk removal services, we have outlined a few of them below and will continue to update this article as the marketplace changes with new companies or service providers. It’s always wise to read online reviews on Google, Homestars, Yelp, the BBB and other review websites before deciding who to work with and don’t forget to ask for internal references if you have a big job to take care of. Any reputable company will be able to provide you local references and prove their professionalism through this method going all the way across Metro Vancouver.

Junk Removal Companies to consider

Green Coast Rubbish – pickup@greencoastrubbish.com or (604) 230 4530

Keen on Green – contact@keenongreenrecycle.com or (778) 316 8272

604 Trash It – info@604-trash-it.com or (604) 872 7448

Junk Rangers – info@junkrangers.ca or 604-398-5565

Got Rubbish – info@gotrubbish.ca or (604) 299 5865

505 Junk – info@505junk.com or (855) 505 5865

City Junkinfo@cityjunk.ca or (236) 818 3910

Student Works Disposal – (778) 288 8009

Rid of It Vancouver – (604) 659 6670

Recycle My Junk – (604) 358 7463

1-800 Got Junk – (800) 468 5865

Trash King – (604) 433 5865

Just Junk – (604) 678 5766

Some closing tips would be to get a photo of the items you want removed from your property, home or business and send that to the junk removal company using email to help them get you an accurate quotation on services rendered. Many companies will give you a super low ball quote over the phone just to get started on removing your junk and then hit you with a final bill that is much larger then you had anticipated. You can avoid that by photographing everything, as well as having a paper trail through email and doing some measurements in advance to see how much square footage all of the items will take up in the back of the hauling trucks.

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  1. Warren Thompson

    We have a large custom house in Upper Lonsdale just beside Lynn Valley that we are taking apart from top down and removing all of the old wall paper, dry wall, windows, electricity wires, plumbing pipes and some of the wood to replace it with new upgrades for our growing family, do any of the junk removal companies in this article work with people who are doing demolition on their own homes? There is about 2 or 3 tonnes of junk, wood, and materials that needs to be removed from the property.

    1. Editor

      All of the companies listed will do this but we suggest contacting Green Coast Rubbish as they try to recycle and find reuse places for all of the materials they remove for clients, which is good for the environment here on the North Shore. As well if you have any old furniture or similar that has to get disposed of and it’s in decent condition they will find families in the community that need it through Urban Repurpose.

  2. Janice Martin

    Which one of these companies would you recommend for bin rentals so we can place a large container on our property and fill it up ourselves slowly over time? We live nearby the Capilano River and are gutting our house ourselves to save money

    1. Editor

      Most of the junk removal companies in the list can provide this or at minimum get you a local referral, so we would suggest just starting at the top of the list of companies and calling them and see who has the best prices, remember to wear eye wear and gloves if you are moving scraps from a demolition

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