2023 halloween in north vancouver at dark manor inn sons of vancouver distillery

Halloween in North Vancouver: Dark Manor Inn at ‘Sons of Vancouver’ Distillery

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The city’s iconic drinkery, Sons of Vancouver Distillery, is once again channeling Vancouver’s shadowy past by reviving the legacy of the now-defunct Halloween-themed bar – ‘The Dark Manor Inn.’ As October’s eerie vibes start to seep in, patrons can step into a transformed tasting room dripping with ghostly nostalgia.

For the uninitiated, this is no ordinary transformation. For the third consecutive year, the distillery is indulging in the tradition of turning their premises into a haunted pop-up cocktail bar. This spectral experience runs from October 4th, welcoming guests until the last chilling day of the month.

Visitors can expect to be immersed in an environment reminiscent of ‘The Dark Manor Inn.’ The walls adorned with ominous decor items, from bloody skeletons to chilling photographs, and yes, the legendary 9-foot-long coffin table – all resurrected from the original inn.

“Every year we strive to amplify the spook-factor,” says James Lester, owner of Sons of Vancouver Distillery. “Our goal is to make each visit an encounter with the uncanny. And what better way than with our uniquely crafted drinks?”

Adding a twist to their cocktail offerings this year, the distillery has teamed up with Dead Man’s Fingers rum to curate a drink menu that promises to be both delightful and spine-tingling. The drink names alone—like the ‘Gangrene Slush’ and the ‘Cloven Hooved Mule’—hint at their eerie origins. And not to forget, the signature group drink for the season, ‘Plasma Punch,’ a tropical delight served uniquely in the form of an IV bag.

“Crafting these cocktails is more than just mixing drinks. It’s about storytelling and conjuring emotions,” states Emmet Groves, the bar manager with a rich history in the cocktail landscape of the city.

But it’s not just about the spirits – the distilled kind or the ghostly. Recognizing the growing trend towards non-alcoholic beverages, the distillery is introducing their first-ever range of non-alcoholic cocktails. Temptations like the ‘Vampire’s Kiss’ or ‘the Ice Witch’ guarantee that even those abstaining from alcohol don’t miss out on the fun.

“We’ve noticed the trend, and it’s essential to evolve with our audience’s preferences. Our aim? Craft beverages that are every bit as thrilling, with or without the alcohol,” emphasizes Lester.

Eager to dive into this haunted soiree? Remember, the Sons of Vancouver’s Haunted pop-up bar doesn’t accept reservations. It’s a realm where only the early birds catch the ghostly worm. Note the age restriction of 19+ and the distinct hours of operation.

Hours of Operation:

  • Weds – Fri: 5 – 9 PM
  • Sat: 1 – 9 PM
  • Sun: 5 – 9 PM (tiki menu only)

For further information, please contact:
James Lester, Partner/General Manager
778-773-4428 or james@sonsofvancouver.ca.

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