North Shore Stroke Recovery Centre Marks 49 Years of Triumph with the 16th Edition of Strides for Strokes

North Shore Stroke Recovery Centre Marks 49 Years of Triumph with the 16th Edition of Strides for Strokes

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Embracing its position as the second longest-standing stroke recovery initiative in Western Canada, the esteemed North Shore Stroke Recovery Centre (NSSRC) is poised to captivate participants once again with its grandest fundraising endeavor of the year along the iconic West Vancouver Seawall.

West Vancouver, British Columbia: On the momentous occasion of Saturday, June 10th, the NSSRC proudly presents Strides for Strokes, a remarkable event designed to commemorate and provide unwavering support to stroke survivors. Commencing with a 4 km run/walk/roll along the stunning West Vancouver seawall, this fundraising spectacle promises an array of delectable cuisine, spirited melodies, a captivating silent auction, and an awe-inspiring exhibition showcasing the artistic talents of the North Shore Stroke Recovery Center’s members. Joining forces at this gathering will be stroke survivors, their beloved families and friends, esteemed members of the North Shore community, and a host of other distinguished guests.

The paramount mission of the North Shore Stroke Recovery Centre revolves around bolstering stroke survivors in their arduous journey towards recovery, augmenting their quality of life, and nurturing their self-assurance and autonomy. The pivotal moment of returning home after hospitalization marks a significant milestone in their recovery process. From that point forward, their journey involves reclaiming their independence, fostering a profound sense of well-being, and fostering social connections. NSSRC prudently offers an assortment of stroke recovery programs, encompassing physical exercise, invigorating yoga sessions, art therapy, harmonious musical activities, speech therapy, and cognitive stimulation. Furthermore, the center provides invaluable assistance to caregivers and actively engages in outreach initiatives. Year after year, NSSRC diligently extends its support to over 100 stroke survivors.

The 2023 edition of Strides for Strokes will feature several groundbreaking enhancements to its event format, promising the attendance of notable personalities, and anticipates doubling the participation witnessed in the previous year’s remarkable affair.

With every passing year, Canada witnesses an astounding 50,000 new stroke cases, equating to approximately one life-altering stroke occurring every ten minutes. Presently, a staggering 300,000 Canadians grapple with the long-term consequences of stroke. Notably, stroke incurs a tremendous cost on the Canadian economy, amounting to $3.6 billion annually, encompassing expenses related to medical services, hospitalizations, income loss, and diminished productivity. It is disconcerting to realize that a striking nine out of ten Canadians possess at least one risk factor for heart conditions, stroke, or vascular cognitive impairment.

All proceeds generated from the commendable efforts of Strides for Strokes will be exclusively allocated to supporting stroke survivors by facilitating a comprehensive array of programs encompassing art therapy, music sessions, invigorating physical exercise, speech therapy, cognitive stimulation, and more.

For additional information and to partake in the 16th Annual Strides for Strokes event in 2023, CLICK HERE.

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