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If you are looking for junk removal services from your home, office or business location or help with facilitating recycling needs, then of course you should consider our friends at Green Coast Rubbish. They are a local company here in North Vancouver and have a great standing in the community as well as exceptional customer service. Truly epic.

Everyone needs junk removed from their home or business at some point in their lives, and using a local company allows the money you spend to circulate more effectively in the community on the ground where we live and work. With that said, we had the privilege to speak with Eamonn Duignan who is the President and CEO of Green Coast Rubbish to get to know him more for our readers and outline the inner workings of their business. The interview is below.

How did Green Coast Rubbish get started and what do you love about operating on the North Shore?

My brother and I started Green Coast Rubbish almost 14 years ago. At the time, I was a student at UBC working on my undergrad and eventually my teaching degree, when I fell into the junk removal industry as a part-time job. It was a crash course into the sad reality of how waste was managed in our society and eye-opening experience into an industry I knew little about. As such, I felt there was a better way, a way that focused on the reuse and recycling potential of the material that is commonly considered as waste. I saw potential in a service that wasn’t offered at the time, and we leaped.

What I love about operating on the North Shore? Well, we are hyper-local. Our philosophy has always revolved around the community we serve. This underlying philosophy is a core value for us at Green Coast Rubbish. Collectively, we live, work and play on the North Shore. I am a firm believer in community, and also fostering lasting and meaningful relationships with-in. 

We are involved in many local charity events and fundraisers throughout the year within our community, and in turn, we get lots of love back. For instance, this is especially true from our local credit union, Vancity. We recently shot a commercial for Vancity’s 2020 on-line media campaign that will be featuring us and three other small businesses from the lower mainland! In short, I and our Green Coast family value being a part of this community and doing our best to improve or contribute to it. 

What are the services and prices that you offer to the local community?

We offer environmentally conscious disposal and deconstruction services for commercial, residential, construction, as well as property management. In a nutshell, we remove all kinds of waste, such as home and office furniture, electronics, renovation, and construction materials. And, we do our best to ensure that these materials are recycled, reused, or donated to individuals or organizations that are in need or that can give them another chance at life.

Additionally, we rent 65-gallon recycling totes for various office recycling projects or special events and also rent roll-off containers for our commercial and residential clients.

We also offer specific material recycling programs for 3-ring binders or redundant office or home furniture, as well as manage the waste and recycling for events like the Knee Knacker and the Fall For Local Markets.

Furthermore, we offer deconstruction and demolition services where our number one goal is to maximize the reuse or recycling potential of the materials that make up the structure that we are tasked with modifying or taking down.

Our pricing model is pretty simple and straight forward. We charge based on the volume of material we remove from your home, business, or property. Depending on the complexity of the project, labour fees may also apply. Our truck minimum is $150.00, and we are $50.00 per cubic yard for the material we remove and recycle. For our deconstruction or demolition services, we charge by volume of the material we remove as well as labour. All services include $5 million in liability insurance and full WCB coverage.

What happens to all of the junk and rubbish that you collect from client’s properties?

Great question! It depends on what the material is that we remove from our client’s property. You can follow this link to see our current diversion stats. We are fortunate to partner with many local organizations, charities, repurpose facilities and recyclers that all help us achieve our diversion goals. In 2018, we recycled over 1 million pounds of material, which we have been able to accomplish for the last eight consecutive years. Stay tuned for our 2019 stats.

Where do you see the business going in terms of growth and advancement?

Currently, we have a fleet of 5 trucks and are well-positioned in regards to infrastructure in addition to being fortunate enough to be staffed with a fantastic team of individuals. We have always embraced an organic approach to growth and are more focused on the customer experience and how we can further expand on our services as such. 2020 looks like it will be a great year, and we have lots of opportunities and new ventures for us to focus on.

As always, a fundamental goal for this year will be to expand and share the story of Green Coast and to raise awareness about waste issues in our society.

In your spare time outside of running the business, what do you do for activities?

If I’m not working, I will most likely be on one of our three local mountains riding my mountain bike with a group of like-minded souls who value this world-class playground that is the North Shore. Mountain biking has been my passion (or obsession) for the majority of my life. In fact, my daily goal is to get out for a pedal. As simple as the goal is, it is a daily struggle!

Is there anything else you might want our readers to know about you or the business?

At Green Coast we have a fantastic work culture, are employee-focused, and all-around good people. Looking forward to speaking with you.

If you would like more information you can visit their website or connect with them using social media on Instagram and Facebook. The office is located near Central Lonsdale in North Vancouver. They have a perfect review count on their Google listing and other review websites such as Yelp. Lastly you can call customer service at 604.230.4530 or 604.770.4530 and email

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