10 Most Influential People in North Vancouver British Columbia Canada

10 Most Influential People in North Vancouver

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North Vancouver is an amazing community, in that it’s situated in one of the most beautiful places on earth, with mountains and forest all around us, the waterfront shipyards district across the base and then it’s filled with a bustling multi-cultural City centre. Many industries have developed here from woodworking, automotive, to shipbuilding and tons of variations of that as well as mom and pop shops. The legacy and history runs very deep.

Making this place truly special are the many community stakeholders that own businesses, operate organizations, volunteer in the community or similar. And each and every one of them is important and influential in their own ways. However, in this article feature we are going to highlight the 10 Most Influential People in North Vancouver who not only do well in their careers and professions, but go way above and beyond for the best interest of the community.

It was quite hard to only pick 10 people and we thought about this carefully, they are listed below in no particular order. We tried to pick people from different value propositions for the community, not just business or Government based. As a place where art and expression meets commerce, and the history of our First Nations is rich, as well as offering bustling technology companies, there was quite a pool of talent to pull names from. Checkout who we selected below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below as time permits.

Linda Buchanan – Mayor, City of North Vancouver – learn more

Mike Little – Mayor, District of North Vancouver – learn more

Leah George-Wilson – Chief, Tsleil-Waututh Nation – learn more

Gary Mathiesen – President, Quay Property Management – learn more

Patrick Stafford-Smith – CEO, North Van Chamber of Commerce – learn more

David Foster – Founder, Harvest Project Charity – learn more

Greg Holmes – Executive Director, Shipyards District BIA – learn more

Nancy Cottingham Powell – Executive Director, North Van Arts – learn more

Daniel Frankel – Founder/Owner, Tap and Barrel Group – learn more

Christine Reid – Executive Director, NSMB Association – learn more

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