Custom Woodworking and Repairs North Vancouver

Custom Woodworking

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In the world we live in today, for the most part, we are a throw away society when it comes to the things and stuff in our lives. As an example if our furniture, cabinets, chairs, couches, tables, desks and similar break, we just throw them away and get new ones. Which of course is not ideal for the environment but also a function of the low cost and readily accessible replacements that are available.

In past generations items that we used in our household were made by hand and there was much more craftsmanship and time spent on quality. That’s why vintage and antique furniture and household items are so sought after. You could get a high quality chair set that would last you generations and be passed from one family member to another.

This quality craftsmanship and the associated culture of tradesmen and women is a huge part of what makes Lower Lonsdale North Vancouver so special, not only was it a mecca for ship building and repairs, but the area is also known for world class carpenters and custom woodworking skills. When you walk around Lonsdale, Esplanade, 1st Street and the surrounding areas there are tons of shops that can help you repair your furniture or even make custom items from scratch. Lets say you have a small space and you can’t find a cabinet to fit the application, you could get this done custom.

If you would like to get your first antique or vintage piece of furniture a good place to look is on the free section of Craigslist or at your local second hand store such as Salvation Army or Value Village. You may be able to find an excellent chair or table or similar, and then you can bring it to get refinished at one of the many shops in the Shipyards District. In that way making it your own and being part of the change in terms of reusing items.

Below are some companies that do custom woodworking in the area:

Richard’s Fine Woodworking – 262 1st St E, North Vancouver (map)

Oscar Grann’s Furniture – 237 E 1 St, North Vancouver (map)

Thao’s Refinishing Studio – 259 1st St E Unit #2, North Vancouver (map)

Fusion Woodwork – 362B Esplanade E, North Vancouver (map)

Elegant Upholstery – 171 1st St E, North Vancouver (map)

Do you have any antique or vintage furniture in your home? Tell us about your items and what you love about them in the comment section below.

Custom Woodworking Table Chairs Lower Lonsdale Shipyards North Vancouver

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