Vegan Tacos Tequila Cocina Lonsdale Avenue North Vancouver

Who Wants Vegan Tacos?

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In British Columbia we have the most vegans per capita of any other province in Canada and Vancouver has the highest density of vegans in the Americas. That means as a restaurant owner or manager you will regularly get asked about plant based menu items that are not only vegetarian. More and more people are getting on the band wagon for primarily eating fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds versus animal products. As animal products are acidic to the body and thus create inflammation which lends itself to sickness and disease when consumed over time.

As well all protein originally comes from plants, as nitrogen is needed to create the amino acids and only plants can do that from the air around us. Therefore, if you are an athlete or into sports and fitness you will definitely want to keep this in mind in terms of how you ingest and supplement your protein intake needs for optimal recovery.

Central Lonsdale is an amazing culinary destination and even more so now that Tequila Cocina has vegan tacos made of cauliflower on their menu. Recently updated with many new items, the menu at Tequila Cocina is both welcoming to a diverse range of food interests and also cost effective in terms of price versus serving size. You can get your nachos, tacos, and burritos done in a vegan manner as well using Daiya cheese. So if you are craving delicious vegan food, you now have a new place to go for eats in the Lonsdale Avenue corridor. Make sure to tell them you heard about this here.

You can order vegan tacos from Tequila Cocina on Uber Eats as well!


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