Sporty Casual Clothing Apparel Fashion Ways to Wear Best

Pulling Off Sporty and Casual Clothing Looks

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As life in a pandemic continues, sportswear and sweatsuits continue. The trick here to looking put together is to follow the guidelines below. What I mean by this is, say you have leggings or gym clothing on, and your hair is not the greatest, the following items will help you distract from that. What will turn your outfit from an 11pm Walmart run to something that looks polished is adding a nice baseball cap and fresh sneakers. Adding in a nice jacket won’t hurt either. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with wearing your sweatsuit without these additions, but if you want to get away with looking put together in your loungewear, then try out these tips. The times I’ve felt disappointed in my appearance was an in-between hair wash day and wearing a frumpy ensemble of my at-home wear.

-A nice hat of your choice of style (mine is a baseball cap)
-Some well taken care of shoes (or new) just have to look decent and without stains
-A nice jacket (I love my Lululemon Always Effortless Jacket)
-The jacket doesn’t have to be a wool coat or something too posh, just a nicely cut jacket that you feel comfortable in (hopefully has pockets).
Not an item, but a tip for the above:
-Solid colours create a chic look.
-Matching sets create a very “she/he knows what they’re doing” vibe.
-Items that fit you well will look 100x better than ill-fitting pieces.

The best part about this list is the fact that it will work for anyone and everyone. The amount of times I’ve been excited trying to turn my very cozy at-home outfit into a nice outfit is quite astounding. There have been so many times where I’ve thrown on three extra pieces-or even just the crisp white shoes and have gotten more compliments than an outfit that was planned out.

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Guys, I have a great little hack for you. The pants at Lululemon are tried and tested comfortably. The ABC pants look put together but have the comfort of your favourite sweatpants. Lululemon has a wonderful return and warranty policy to add value to the product. If you are more into joggers, the ABC pant comes in the ABC Jogger for you. Knowing the men in my life, they typically have fewer clothes than myself, so spending a little more on a pair of pants that are probably one of 5 seems reasonable enough (Lululemon, 2021). The next time you’re out and maybe dragged into Lululemon, go try on a few different styles yourself. Maybe you will find you’re next go to pants. The same goes for Arcteryx as they have great pants that you can go about your everyday life wearing them whether it be going through trails and running after kids or getting slightly dirty refurbishing furniture as your new pandemic hobby. (Arcteryx, 2021) The key to pulling off the sporty casual outfit that looks good is just having a certain few items on you that pull the outfit together. Another really good company to look for comfortable well-tailored pants for men is Uniqlo (Uniqlo, 2021). They have some really nice fabric that they offer in different styles of pants that can easily be a staple for you.

Ladies, the same three brands have just as many if not more options for your greatest sports chic/ casual athleisure wear. The women’s version of the ABC pant at Lululemon is the On The Fly pant (Lululemon, 2021). They come in just about every colour, have variations in details, and come in different fabrics. They also feature great pockets which is a necessity. Not saying you should but if you want they even pass for business-friendly wear if they are black or a muted colour.

Think of it like this, you get to wear your favourite most comfortable pieces of your wardrobe, but you get to look put together. You also will most likely have the compliments and envy pouring in as well since you had the forethought to add those key items. You completely one-upped your past self with your new outlook into dressing well for your sporty casual vibe that was once subpar.

For more info about fashion or to have personal shopping and styling, you can email Erin Siqueira using and also connect with her on Instagram where she shares lots of updates about fashion trends and new styles

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