Rent a Friend Tour Guide City of North Vancouver British Columbia Canada

‘Rent a Friend’ Tour Guide in the City of North Vancouver

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update: this is a pilot project where we will be connecting newcomers to the community with locals, and matching them based on interests and any language and cultural similarities they have to make the integration as comfortable as possible, there is no monetary aspect to this and we are navigating the rules and regulations of the local health authorities, we have received an abundance of emails and will be responding asap to them, thanks so much for your interest in our local tour guide project, any feedback or suggestions are also greatly appreciated

Everyone needs friends, but what if you are new to living in North Vancouver and don’t know anyone yet? And you want to get familiar with the community, find out where the cools spots to hangout are, where people like to go hiking or swimming, the best places to find vegan food or your favourite types of pizza or BBQ. This is where it makes sense to have a well connected fun local friend to take you around the City on foot and show you all of the best parks, restaurants, breweries and similar.

In the time of covid 19 it’s critical that we all socially distance and wear masks while respecting the guidelines set forth by the Provincial and Federal Governments, which means it’s not easy to go out and meet new people if you are new to where you live. Renting a friend is not a bad idea, as you get to find out everything you want to know about the city and places to hangout, without having to burden yourself finding a friend or risking your health.

Lets say you are new to living in North Vancouver and you just moved here from Iran, or South Korea or perhaps Argentina. And you love to go walking, hiking, biking or swimming but don’t know where to go, or you want to find the best restaurants and breweries without having to try dozens of them to see what ones you like. This is a great opportunity for you to rent a friend and get up to speed with the culture and happenings of the community.

Having a friend for the day or even a few hours can help you integrate into the community quickly, get setup with local contacts and begin your new life here in the City of North Vancouver. At Lonsdale Avenue Magazine we are testing a new service where we connect you with cool local people that you can hangout with to get to know the community. This is a pilot project as we want to help people integrate into the community and show them local businesses they can support while ensuring they make new friends in a controlled and safe manner given the coronavirus constraints.

If you are interested in renting a friend for a tour guide to take you around North Vancouver and show you everything our community has to offer, send an email below and we will connect you with someone around your age and with similar interests who lives in your area of the community.

Things to Do and See With Rent a Friend

  • Find the best local hiking, biking and walking trails
  • Tour the best restaurants and breweries in your neighbourhood
  • Ask questions about the lifestyle things you want to learn about
  • Explore awesome places for fitness or walking your dog
  • Meet people with similar interests who live near you
  • Develop your local network with your first local friend
  • Connect with people who moved to the area from where you did

How To Setup Your Rent A Friend

  • Send an email to with your request
  • Our staff will connect you with someone your age and near you
  • Before you meet in person have a video call to say hello
  • From there you can hangout for a few hours or all day
  • All of the details are discussed transparently beforehand
Rent a Friend Tour Guide City of North Vancouver British Columbia Canada 28739

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