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Learn Audio Engineering and Music Production at ‘SAE Institute’ in Vancouver

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In this article, we get to chat with Nik Sharma, who is not the owner of the business but works there as a manager. If you are passionate about writing, recording, and playing music you will want to read this article. Connect with the school at the bottom of the magazine feature as well.

How did you get started with your business and what do you like about operating in North Vancouver?
My name is Nik Sharma and I am a former student of SAE Vancouver, which is an audio engineering and music production school. I found about this school in 2016 and started attending in 2018 and it has changed my life personally and professionally. Sae took a shy student like me and turned me into an outgoing happy employee now. What I love about being in North Vancouver is we are right on the harbourside and get the view of Vancouver, it feels more like a tight community. I graduated from sae in 2019 and started working here in January 2020 and I have been having a blast. I’m slowly working towards my goal on becoming a full-time teacher! Currently, I work as a tutor, teacher assistant and evening studio manager where I do some light office work, I assist students on their sessions, follow covid protocols and keep the place nice and clean.
What are the products, services and brands that you offer to customers?
So we have 1 program which is called the Audio Engineering music production Diploma program which is 9 months where students go through a crash course of each element of the music industry, topics include music business to sound design to recording techniques. We also offer free studio sessions if you are a current student at sae. We have 2 recording booths which are available to current and past SAE students. We also provide is a sense of safety and a warm place to come and study and to make music and meet and collaborate with other musicians producers engineers etc. We also offer 1-hour tutoring sessions for students, every week there are tutors like myself who come in and tutor students with the subject they are most struggling with. What we also offer to any current student is counseling services, legal advice, student aid, and guidance, ever since covid19 hit our music industry’s morale hit an all-time low so it’s very important we make sure everyone is doing okay!
What makes your business different then similar businesses in your industry?
We have campuses all over the world and we are the only sae campus in Canada, what makes us stand out is the community, we have former students that date back from 15 years ago that still come back and catch up. We don’t discriminate against anyone we try to make every student and every guest feel welcome at our facility. we have a tight little community that is always there for 1 and other. I also think what sets us apart is that we are always evolving in terms of our technology we are always moving with the times, we have a state-of-the-art recording studio and 2 editing booths. We also provide mentorship after you graduate from sae, students are always free to come by your office and have a chat about their music or life in general and steps to move forward in this industry.
If our readers want to purchase products or services from you what is the best way for them to do so?
If you want to learn more about SAE and if you’re wanting to become a student we do monthly online info sessions about the program and how day-to-day operations work!
Before operating your local business what were you doing for work or a career?
Before I started working at SAE I was just in retail, but I have been producing/composing music since 2012 and I play a variety of instruments including piano and trombone! When I was a student I would literally sleep in my car on Marine drive Tim Hortons in between classes, I was very dedicated to the program and the culture SAE provided
Outside of operating your business what do you get up to for activities in your personal time?
My name is Nik Sharma and outside of SAE Vancouver I’m a musician/ composer/ audio engineer. My style of music is I combine Indian melodies and blend it with r&b/pop music! I also love doing yoga and going to fit4less which is in Capilano mall, and reading anything that’s related to Indian Cinema, I also love spending time with my family and my 2 puppies! I also just recently released a song called “Into The Night” which is available here
Lastly, is there anything else you might want our readers to know about you or your business?
I am the evening studio manager, teacher assistant, and one of the tutors here at the school. I would love people to know that we are a chill place for people to come study audio engineering and music production. I’m an outgoing positive individual who dedicates his time for the students and whatever they may need. I am always there for them, I’ve had students call me at midnight asking me questions about their homework and the studio lol! Like any skill, it takes time to learn and that’s what SAE is here to do. It is a fast program it is 9 months and it takes you on a journey to each element of the music industry. I would also like to say that we have a really great team of teachers here, we are also a young group of staff so are learning every day.

Nik would like to mention some things about his family as well: my family is originally from Fiji Islands and I grew up in a very musical family, they all used to play drums keyboards and guitar. They would cover old Bollywood songs from their era. That’s how my interest in music truly began. I began teaching myself piano when I was young, and slowly began learning other instruments such as bass guitar and trombone. When I had a good understanding of performing and playing instruments, I slowly began to learn the technical side of music and how to record, learning about studio equipment. I have busked around the North Shore as well playing my piano. I would love to mention their names because they really helped me out when I came to North van to study at SAE. I would like to thank Reena Aunty, Jalen Uncle, Uncle Sam, Aaron Ramlu, Shannon Ramlu, and Jayden Ramlu. They gave me a home to live in while I pursued my goals. 

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Customer service email is or call 1 (866) 980-2882

SAE Institute Vancouver is located at #122 – 998 Harbourside Drive

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