Busking North Vancouver

Busking on Lonsdale

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When it comes to entertainment, buskers have been doing their thing on high streets and roadways around the world for hundreds of years, it’s fair to say that it’s even an ancient practice. Busking can add a huge amount of positive cultural energy when it is done with respect to the local business owners and community. Generally speaking clear communication between all parties helps.

Lonsdale Avenue is ideal for welcoming busking within the corridor and on the side streets, imagine walking out of Loblaws grocery store and listening to Scottish Bagpipes or Christmas Carols, that is beautiful. Even instruments like a Violin, Guitar, Drums or similar can be awesome to experience.

Now of course there is a fine line between adding value to the community and being annoying. No business owner wants a busker out front who is smoking cigarettes and playing obnoxious music on an amplifier. Amplifying music while street performing is actually banned in the City of North Vancouver. We do see it happening at times, but the bylaw says no.

As the mayors office and city hall are seeking to make the Lonsdale corridor both vibrant and enjoyable, we hope to see more respectful busking in the area. When you walk past someone playing an instrument, take a moment for yourself to be present and enjoy it. In a way it will bring peace to your day and at the same time you get to meet some new neighbours.

Down at the Lonsdale Quay they also allow busking but you need to supply them with a single piece of ID at the market office before they allow you to play music or sing on their property. For performers looking to do some street art anywhere in North Vancouver you do not need a business license, however there are things to know about below to keep everyone happy.

What do you think about busking in the Lonsdale Avenue area?

Let us know in the comments below and if you need more information about this you can read the PDF for the City of North Vancouver, the PDF for the Lonsdale Quay, and we have also included the PDF for Downtown Vancouver if you want to go over on the Seabus and perform.

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  1. Peter Perry

    I have been the main videographer for the Vancouver Music Folk Music festival and I am looking to video more live acts . Please contact me any time if my skills could be of use to you .
    Here is one of my video from my YouTube channel.
    Thank you
    Peter Perry.

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