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Best Burgers in the City of North Vancouver Chosen By Locals in an Online Poll

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Hamburgers are amongst the most popular menu items to select when going out for eats locally, as they are sort of a Canadian icon item along with Poutine. With so many restaurants, pubs, and eateries in the City of North Vancouver (map), we recently had some fun with an online poll to see what locals thought were the best places to choose for grabbing a local burger. Spanning across Central Lonsdale and down into the Lower Lonsdale Shipyards District neighborhood.

The idea for the article in terms of the premise was to cross-pollinate burger fans between eateries in the community, drive sales and awareness and have a bit of fun. Plus the online voting was done in a transparent manner where everyone could see the votes in real-time, whereas normally online awards are given behind the scenes so nobody really knows what’s happening or how the winner was chosen.

Congratulations to the awesome local eateries for rocking the boat and shaking up the culinary scene with us, a total of 1197 votes were cast on our poll and the winners were chosen in the format as below. Over time we will do other polls on topics for pizza, sushi, and beyond. And we hope to hear from you on social media or in the comments section below about what you thought of these local eateries for grabbing a burger.


1st Place Tap and Barrel
2nd Place Jack Lonsdale’s
3rd Place The Gull BAR AND KITCHEN

These eateries were included in the poll in order of winning.

Tap and Barrel – 8 Lonsdale Avenue (map)
Jack Lonsdale’s – 1433 Lonsdale Avenue (map)
The Gull Bar and Kitchen – 175 1st St E (map)
Lonsdale Bridgdeck – 1211 Lonsdale Avenue (map)
Raglans Bistro – 15 Lonsdale Avenue (map)
Browns Socialhouse – 103 2nd St W (map)
White Spot Lonsdale – 2205 Lonsdale Avenue (map)
Lobby Restaurant – 138 Victory Ship Way (map)
Jordan Kitchen + Bar – 1564 Lonsdale Avenue (map)
Finch and Barley – 250 1st St E (map)
Chop and Chew – 1842 Lonsdale Avenue (map)
Black Kettle Brewing – 720 Copping St (map)
Sailor Hagar’s Pub – 86 Semisch Ave (map)
Eighties Restaurant – 110 14th St W (map)
Haida Sandwich – 121 15th St E (map)
Joey Restaurant – 125 Victory Ship Way (map)
Burgoo Bistro Lonsdale – 3 Lonsdale Avenue (map)


    1. Editor

      That is a great question and they do have awesome burgers, however they are located in the district, not the city… in the future, we will do wider-reaching polls on other topic points… thanks for reading and taking part in our online poll to find the best hamburgers in the City of North Van!

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