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Lonsdale Event Rentals

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When it comes to events and happenings Vancouver’s North Shore has no shortage of things to do and see, even all year round. Private events hosted in the Lower Lonsdale Shipyards District are also very popular. With the Pipe Shop Venue, Wallace Venue and of course the Polygon Gallery offering spaces for hosting your special occasion. This area is known across the Pacific Northwest as a mecca for hosting events, galas and conferences. As the Vancouver Convention Centre is also just a Seabus trip away.

Now, when you want to plan an event of course one of the aspects that pops up are rentals in terms of chairs, tables, getting a bar setup, the lighting, cleanup and other areas. This is where our friends at Lonsdale Event Rentals come into the equation, having been a business since the 1970’s. They have built a reputation for excellence in the local event industry and we were fortunate enough to speak with Chris Fellbaum who is the owner and operator of the company.

Lonsdale Event Rentals Logo
Lonsdale Event Rentals serving North Vancouver and beyond

How did the business get started and where was the original store location on Lonsdale Avenue? 

The business was started in North Vancouver on 1121 Lonsdale Avenue in 1972. It originated from a small 1500 sq ft storefront on the West side of Lonsdale Avenue by 11th street. The original Lonsdale Rentals was started by a local family who saw the need for this type of business. Lonsdale Rentals was one of the pioneers in the rental business model. The company began with the rental of a general supply of tools and in 1982 began to expand into party rental supplies of dishware, chairs and tables.

After decades of providing quality event rental items and equipment, what kinds of events do you like attending most?

Tough question, our spectrum of events covers so many types of celebrations for the most special moments in people’s lives. The events we enjoy the most are those that have significant and memorable impacts such as weddings, birthdays and social gatherings.

What types of products do you have for rent and what items are popular with events right now?

We carry over 700 different products to meet the diverse needs and looks people are trying to create. Our main product range includes linens, table setting, furniture, food service and decorative items. We have recently began expanding our own inhouse built rustic wood product line including arches, furniture, platters and more. This is huge for the industry, and a big deal that we build everything in our own facility. We are always open to new ideas, and would totally consider custom pieces as well! 

Do you help people with referrals for organizing a large scale event and what are some of the largest events you have provided for?

With over 50 years of relationship-building in business, we have significant connections and relationships with various specialty vendors that supply unique event service needs. We pride ourselves on the referral we provide to be the best at their offerings. Our event services supply small dinner parties of a few to events for 1000’s. Some of our larger projects included work on Imagine UBC, Araxi Long Table Dinner in Pemberton, Elections Canada, Pemberton Music Festival, Skookum Festival, Cirque du Soleil, and Dinner on the Pier.

In your spare time outside of running the business, what do you do for activities?

Living in Deep Cove, most of my time is shared with my wife and our 3 daughters, we enjoy the North Shore hiking trails and other outdoor activities.

Is there anything else you might want our readers to know about you or your business?

Lonsdale Events has always been a significant supporter of various charities focusing on the needs of women and children throughout the North Shore and Metro Vancouver. We have provided 100’s of events with affordable rental supplies for fundraisers and awareness campaigns. And we look forward to helping you with your special occasion.

For more information or to organize a private event for yourself you can visit their website and browse hundreds of items that are available, or connect with them using social media on Instagram and Facebook. The address location for the storefront is 8010 Winston Street in Burnaby.

Call customer service with questions – 604.422.8999

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Lonsdale Event Rentals Dinner Setup
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