Winston from Koffie Cafe group opens Lower Lonsdale Avenue North Vancouver

Winston Cafe

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Opening soon in Lower Lonsdale is a new cafe with a diverse food menu, as part of the Koffie Cafe group which also has another location in Coal Harbour, they have been expanding their offering throughout the region. Focusing on quality beans and every part of the production cycle from bean to cup.

Located at 228 Lonsdale Avenue in the Shipyards District which is nice and central near the Lonsdale Quay Seabus. All of the coffee options on the menu are available for sale in bean form in cans and bags for taking home from the cafe. Only the best coffee making equipment is used to ensure a high quality end coffee experience for customers.

Cafes are becoming even more popular than they already were, likely as a result of our lives getting busier and the need to stay alert and focused. Plus depending on how you like your coffee, as an example at Tim Horton’s getting a ‘Double Double’ which is 2 creams and 2 sugars, it gives you a big kick of energy and can have almost as many calories as a meal.

In the past few weeks Nemesis Coffee in the lower level of the Polygon Gallery also opened. They have an in house bakery called Dope Bakehouse and you can watch the bakers create everything and make the menu items.

Coffee has a rich history dating back hundreds of years and was originally found throughout Persia, Egypt, Syria, Turkey and surrounding areas. Later it was traded with European countries for gold and other resources. It is said that a farmer noticed his goats acting restless as a result of eating the berries of the coffee plant and realized it gave you energy.

Connect with Winston Cafe on Instagram and visit their website.

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Fun fact: fresh coffee beans consumed in the origin country taste sweet and don’t need sugar to be added as a result of that. Black coffee alone is tasty.

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