Cannabis Bonsai North Vancouver

Cannabis Bonsai “Trees”

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When it comes to smoking or vaping the good stuff, Vancouver’s North Shore has a new dispensary aka “retail store” located in the Lower Lonsdale Shipyards District called 1st Cannabis with a number of other places opening soon. However, for those who have used Cannabis for a long time, and that is hundreds of thousands of people in British Columbia, you may have grown your own or purchased your ganja herb from a local “friend”.

Cannabis used to be a dirty word, in fact they made up a word for it that has no scientific meaning whatsoever, Marijuana. But with the science nowadays you can finitely see that smoking weed is far better for you health wise than drinking any form of alcohol or using other vices. The origin of the Buddhist faith actually came from the nutrition of the Cannabis seed as Buddha was said to have eaten “one seed per day” while contemplating spirituality under the tree of life. Think about that before you judge pot users.

It is in this light that we are excited about showing you some really amazing Cannabis Bonsai Trees that are being grown and nurtured in Lynn Valley North Vancouver. We have added tons of cool photos for you to checkout below and we will be interviewing Manny from @cannabonsai_manny about them. He is an active user of the plant and also loves distance running and other forms of fitness exercise. He is most definitely breaking down the stigma associated with using Cannabis. Well played Manny, well played.

How did you get started with creating Cannabis Bonsai trees and what is your inspiration?

I got a bunch of free autoflower seeds at 420 last year. I’d never grown autoflower strains, it was the first I’d heard of them to be honest. Around this time I saw a posting on Reddit that inspired me. There weren’t any resources online, but I knew about LST from reading lots of high times as a teen. I figured I would give it a shot, worst that could happen is that is did not work but I had a lot of seeds so it didn’t matter. It all just worked out, I want to say I got lucky, but I keep doing it. That’s why I’m convinced it’s super easy, and that’s why I want everyone to try it.

What strains of Cannabis flower do you like to use for personal recreational?

Usually I enjoy strong indica or kush strains of Cannabis, Pink Kush, OG Kush.

Do you have experience with using extracts, and if so what are your thoughts?

Can’t afford them unfortunately but when I do use them I like strong shatter and possibly water extracted budders.

Where do you like to go running or hiking here on the North Shore?

Usually Lynn Valley because I live here, but I love all of the north shore. I’ve been on the top of 18 of the north shores peaks. Slept on top of a couple of them too.

What would you recommend for first time Cannabis users to get started?

Small amounts of flower, maybe a bit from a pipe, then wait 30 mins have a little more if you’re okay. I’ve seen way too many people green out. A little goes a long way until you understand your limits and preferences.

Outside of being a bonsai plant creator, what do you do for activities?

Snowboarding Grouse parks, I volunteer on their terrain parks crew. I enjoy trail running in the summer. Most of the time I am working with my bonsai plants.

Is there anything else you might want our readers to know about you or your art form?

It’s easy, give it a try. My beginners guide comes out on April 20th and you can access that as well as all the tips within the guide itself.

You can now visit his website to purchase his book and other resources.

Photos of Cannabis Bonsai Trees

Cannabis Bonsai North Vancouver British Columbia Canada 4
Cannabis Bonsai North Vancouver British Columbia Canada 3
Cannabis Bonsai North Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Cannabis Bonsai North Vancouver British Columbia Canada 2

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