Smoking Vaping Toking Cannabis North Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Do you smoke Cannabis?

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If you were born or raised in Canada chances are that you have smoked or used Cannabis in other ways and perhaps even know friends or family who have done the same. Cannabis, sometimes referred to as Marijuana (please stop using this word as it’s based on propaganda and repulsive) has been a multi billion dollar industry in Canada for decades, well before legalization.

When you use Cannabis unfortunately there is still a stigma associated with it, mainly from older generations who were brainwashed, but this is slowly fading out and things will continue to get better as time passes. Many Cannabis users are high level professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, doctors, dentists, sports players and other lifestyles. Just because you use Cannabis does not mean you are a lazy stoner with fried brain cells. In the same way that people who drink beer are not alcoholics (necessarily).

Used in moderation and with a balanced lifestyle including a healthy diet, quality sleep, and controlled working schedule, Cannabis can really increase your quality of life and allow you to be present. Especially once you get used to the effects of Cannabis and can moderate your intake to find your happy place. Too much of anything is a bad idea, and that definitely applies here.

If you use Cannabis anywhere in North Vancouver there are some things you should know, as with every city in Canada which will have their own bylaws in place, similar to liquor usage, cigarette smoking and vaping.

Key takeaways for you to know about Cannabis in North Vancouver:

Parks, Public Areas, and Common Spaces – a recent law was passed in the City of North Vancouver which clearly states you cannot smoke Cannabis, cigarettes, or use vapes anywhere in local parks, public areas or community spaces. That means you need to use Cannabis at home or in designated smoking areas around the city. Fines can be given out if you don’t listen.

Cannabis Dispensaries – opening soon in the City of North Vancouver are 2 dispensaries which have been working towards the final paperwork and steps required to begin operating legally. As you can imagine opening a dispensary is not easy and requires many safety checks, but this is nice to see in the city. For the most part residents opposed allowing dispensaries to be opened in North Vancouver, but it is federally legalized so it can’t be stopped.

District of North Vancouver – is currently going through formal meetings and planning on the next steps of their retail Cannabis plan. There is a good likelihood that there will be 3 or 4 Cannabis retail locations opening in the District in the coming months and years. To service the needs of the community and surrounding regions.

Cannabis Etiquette – when it comes to smoking, eating, or vaping Cannabis, there are things you need to keep in mind to ensure no issues arise around you. Try to be aware of where you are standing and avoid blowing smoke or exhaling towards people, be mindful of vents in buildings that could suck up your smoke, and definitely do not litter or throw garbage on the ground. Use the cities garbage and recycling bins. We can all work harder at breaking down the Cannabis stereotypes by being mindful of the community.

No matter if you use Cannabis or not, chances are that you will be around it and the things we outlined above are good to know. For more info about the laws and regulations for usage in British Columbia please visit the Government website for ‘Cannabis Clarity

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