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Businesses on Vancouver’s North Shore

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When it comes to doing business on the North Shore of Vancouver British Columbia Canada there are a few unique things to keep in mind. Most of your staff who will work jobs at in person roles will be commuting from out of the area daily as many of them cannot afford to live locally and there is a shortage of rental apartments. The second thing is that transportation to and from the area during peak times of rush hour can pose a risk for your employees arriving on time, given the 2 bridges are often overwhelmed with vehicles. Lastly, the covid19 pandemic has created somewhat of a bottleneck with using public transportation with the seabus and rapid bus that goes through the Lower Lonsdale Shipyards District. As a result you may want to allow your human resources to work remotely from their home office.

In this magazine feature we are going to outline and highlight all of the necessary business resources you will need to plan, start, license and operate your local business. Including aspects from the local Government and City websites as well as rules of thumb coming directly from us to you. At Lonsdale Avenue Magazine we work hard to support local business owners and entrepreneurs to get the most from their time spent doing commerce on the North Shore. At the bottom of the article we have information about consulting and marketing that we can offer to you to streamline and grow your business. Over the past 2 years we have helped over 650 businesses to expand their customer reach and generally make their businesses more efficient. We offer video conference calls for business workshops to train and educate you and your staff and answer all of your questions in real-time.

Businesses in the City of North Vancouver

City of North Vancouver Business License Directory Resources
City Hall in North Vancouver

Starting a Business – the main areas for opening a business are generally in and around the Lonsdale Avenue corridor, across the waterfront in the Shipyards District and up and down the side streets from Esplanade up through Central Lonsdale

Local Business Licenses – you will need to work with City Hall to get a local business license and fill out their forms and details for them to review your application, you can have a license for people who live locally as well as one for those who may not live here but want to do business in the City, to get questions answered you may contact 604-983-7356 or

Operating a Business – as mentioned at the top of the article, some of the main factors for running your company include staffing and transportation, but you will also want to join the Chamber of Commerce and build your local network of contacts and friends, it’s also best to write a business plan and have it reviewed by a third party consultant on the North Shore

Directory of Businesses – before you go into business for yourself or relocate locally here it’s wise to look through the local directories on, The Shipyards District and the one within the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce to see who and what is happening in the City

Businesses in the District of North Vancouver

District of North Vancouver Business License Directory Resources
District Offices in North Vancouver

Starting a Business – some of the major areas in the District include but are not limited to Edgemont Village, Lynn Valley Village, the Village of Deep Cove, through the Capilano River District, near and around the base of the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge

Local Business Licenses – getting setup with your local business license is done so through the District office directly using the phone, their website or email, and you may also want to speak with them to have your questions answered using 604-990-2311 or

Operating a Business – the District is quite vast and far reaching and as a result you will want to do your operations and marketing somewhat differently then operating in the City, but the good news is that the Chamber of Commerce and District offices have good resources for you

Directory of Businesses – there are a few places to do research and check out local businesses and that is on as well as the Chamber of Commerce websites, unlike the City there is not a Business Improvement Association (BIA)

Businesses in West Vancouver

West Vancouver Business License Directory Resources
West Vancouver Municipal Hall

Starting a Business – as you may or may not know, this community is one of the most expensive for business leases and general property value anywhere in Canada, so you will need to do lots of research in advance of opening, it stretches from Horseshoe Bay across the waterfront of Ambleside to the base of Lions Gate Bridge and up to Cypress Mountain

Local Business Licenses – can be purchased and registered through the main office for West Vancouver and as with the City and District of North Vancouver you will need to go through a review and approval process, which is a little more in depth then the above 2 areas, contact 604-925-7000 or with your questions

Operating a Business – this can be a bit tricky given most of your staff will likely live out of the area as mentioned in the beginning of the article, but the good news is there are tons of buses that come over the Lions Gate Bridge every 15 minutes or so, allowing your staff to make it to work on time 7 days a week, at the moment there are a decent amount of Commercial lease spaces in and around Marine Drive

Directory of Businesses – it’s always smart to do some ground work as we have mentioned and see who and what is operating in the area before deciding to go into business for yourself or relocate here, so make sure to check out and the West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce

Marketing Your Business

We have a few options for you in this area, you can read our section for Marketing in North Vancouver and Marketing in West Vancouver

Business Consulting

We love to help local business owners navigate growth and profits, checkout our business consulting and marketing workshop pages for additional information

useful Business Links

To close out this resource style article we have compiled some website links below that are worth reading

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