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Marketing Workshops

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When it comes to marketing your business successfully and efficiently, everyone in your organization must be on the same page. That comes down to understanding what marketing is and how to do it effectively at scale.

Every touch point you have with your potential customer and the community is important and a function of both marketing and brand growth. When someone calls or emails you, how you respond is marketing.

In the modern world of low attention spans and hyper access to one another globally through social media and messaging apps, understanding the tools to use to get the best results is critical. On top of the human psychology associated with search engines and customers discovering your business.

At Lonsdale Avenue Magazine (this website you are reading) we do both digital publishing to empower local businesses and organizations, but we also teach business owners, managers, and staff at various companies how to get the most from their time and money spent on marketing.

Recently we taught a full boardroom at Simply Office about the essentials of internet marketing, website development, and social media. Everyone walked away with tons of intellectual property, resources, and tools to use.

The main things to keep in mind is that easy is not always the best way, and broadcasting content versus engaging with customers is not the same thing. Good quality marketing requires listening and reacting to the marketplace.

Right now Blueshore Financial is looking for an Email Automation Specialist, Glacier Media is looking for a Marketing Manager, and many other local businesses are seeking people with specific skills to marketing. As outsourcing marketing can be expensive and the disconnect on communication from company to agency leads to execution difficulties.

With that said, we are now offering Marketing Workshops where we come into your business location and teach your team the basics of marketing, what tools to use, where your customers are online, and how to scale.

Benefits of doing a Marketing Workshop with us include:

-Top down understanding of marketing processes in your organization.

-Save time and money working more efficiently day to day.

-Get access to the best tools and resources for streamlining growth.

-Detailed explanations of the top search engines: Google, Baidu, Yandex.

-Tips for local citation best practices for proximity optimization.

-Learn about email marketing, social media, and other CRM solutions.

-Get an overview of website development and eCommerce processing.

-Plus get all of your questions answered in a detailed transparent manner.

Think about this. You have a hungry and hard working team. Your business is growing and you are at a point where you do not know how to take it to the next level. This is the ideal time to have us come into your office to teach your employees and staff about best practices associated with marketing.

Your front line customer service all the way to the upper executive management all need to be on the same page and holding the same information in order to succeed at scale and grow a successful company.

Use the contact page to get in touch with us, we can come into your office or business location to teach a Marketing Workshop to as many people as needed. We love public speaking and helping entrepreneurs succeed, and you will enjoy hosting one of these workshops for your employees and staff.

Get better results from your team through hosting a Marketing Workshop.

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