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Best Rain Boots for Wet Weather

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If you have ever been to Vancouver or read anything about here at all, the weather is a huge focus. Most of the emphasis is on how much it rains. Rainproof or at least water-resistant boots are a must if you are to be spending time in Vancouver. In this magazine feature post, I will be speaking about a few different options to keep your feet warm and dry in the rain, no matter what your style, taste or budget is.

The first brand features a wide range of rainboot styles catering to the narrower foot. Lemon Jelly has a wide range of styles that go from sleek to trendy. All are waterproof rain boots that give you that extra bit of outfit elevation rather than wearing plain old wellies. The best part of these boots isn’t the fact that they stay waterproof for years. It is the fact that they smell like a yummy little lemon tart. I have had these in my closet and have used them for at least 2.5 years now. There has not been any cracking or leaking, and all stitching has stayed in perfect condition. These rain boots are great for running around town doing errands or walking the dogs. They are also surprisingly sturdy I can claim, after having them hold up during a particularly strenuous snowshoe adventure.

Hunter Boots is probably the brand most often thought about when thinking about rain boots. The brand is well established and has a wide range of rainproof footwear to choose from. One thing to note about the boots is that the rubber tends to crack after a few seasons. The boots are wonderful if you want protection from intense downpours when dog walking or if you have a love for splashing in deep puddles. A word of warning is that the boots can get scuffed quite easily, so grabbing some of Hunter’s Rubber Buffer is a must if you want them looking like new.

One of this winter season’s hottest trends are the big chunky boot. Mix that with style and trendy colour, you get the Khaki Colour “Low Heel Rubberized Boots” from Zara. I recently purchased these boots and they have not disappointed me. They were a little outside my comfort zone, but I quickly started to love them the more I wore them. They are wonderfully waterproof and have a large tread that is key when it gets icy or snowy. These boots sit right under your knee and pair well with an average length raincoat. The high boot shaft means less of your leg gets exposed to the rain providing ideal dryness and warmth. These boots are also on the less pricey side of good rain boots, which is a wonderful addition to a very trendy cool boot.

Blundstones are one of those brands that are so prevalent in Vancouver that I just had to write about them. Years of tested quality that prove resistant to the ever-rainy climate of YVR. The boots feature the classic front and back pull tabs that provide easy on-off. Waterproof leather and a sturdy sole allow for these boots to be worn throughout the year. There are more styles available to suit your personal style needs.

Men and women alike can benefit from having a pair of these all-weather staples in their wardrobe. These styles are tailored more for durability and functionality compared to a strictly for fashion boot but fit the Vancouver lifestyle quite well. One can pair almost any outfit with Blundstones. The typical Vancouver fashion of jeans, a tee-shirt, some sort of jacket and your boots. Leggings, your favourite sweater and a parka. Even a summer dress, a cropped jean jacket and your Blundstones. Men also greatly benefit from having a pair because the durability allows them to keep looking good for years while being their everyday shoe. An easy outfit for men would be your typical jeans or joggers, your favourite tee-shirt, button-down, or sweater and your Blundstones. If the weather calls for a jacket, bring a jean jacket, bomber, flannel, or Arc’teryx jacket and you are good to go. An easy no brainer outfit.

Another brand that is a favourite of the public are Doc Martens. With their leather upper and chunky soles, they are an easy pick for puddles, snow, and every day wear. The shoes are notoriously harder to break in than other brands, but once broken in provide a custom fit for your foot. The shoes have gotten a major boost in 2020’s fashion trends. The outfit of the year is chunky Doc Martens with a cheeky mini dress, or skirt and oversized blazers. Taking a hint from this trend, it is important to note that balance within an outfit is key. With boots that are a bit bigger, it is a natural fit for something more tailored or form fitting to be paired with them. If you feel more comfortable in looser fitting Levi’s, a bigger hoodie and your Doc Martens, wear that. Wear what you feel best in. I personally feel less frumpy and more put together when I have stockings or bare legs, with the skirt/dress and boots combo.

These are just a few of my best suggestions for Vancouver weather proof boots for the upcoming rainy season. There are infinite outfit possibilities with an extensive list of boots. I wanted my first official blog feature to be something very relevant to West Coast Canada living. The most talked about subject here, especially on Vancouver’s North Shore is the weather, so why not bring up some great brands to add to your closet. You might just be finding yourself happier by being able to splash in puddles.

Magazine article feature by our fashion writer Erin Siqueira, connect with her on Instagram or email

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