Home Made Vegan Rainbow Slime without Borax Natural Safe for Kids

What is Slime?

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Kids, teens and even adults love to make slime at home these days. You know that gooey sticky ball of tackiness that’s all the rage and everyone seems to be talking about? In this article we got to talk with a local person here in North Vancouver who is making so many different types of slimes using various colours and techniques to show you how easy it is to do for yourself. And given we are all on stay at home lock down, this is a good time to get creative and interactive with your family.

Below we interviewed Sandra Akiyama who does tons of social media content on Instagram showing the many different ways in which you can make slime, so we are excited to share what we chatted about with you. If you would like to buy slimes online or learn new recipes that do not include borax we suggest that you connect with her at the bottom of the article. She is truly creative and her slimes are definitely one of a kind. Enjoy!

What is slime, how did you get started with your slime business and what do you like about living in North Vancouver?

I am a slime mom and the first time I saw my daughter playing with it back in 2017 I was so curious! Since I already made perfumes, I decided to have fun with scented slimes and bring happiness to our lives. 

Then I had the idea of selling scented slime on my perfume shop on Etsy and fell in love with all the different textures and add ins. I was so surprised because in no time I was selling many more slimes than perfumes! Our best sellers are custom slimes (you get to choose the sizes, colors, add ins and scents) and our mystery boxes.

The slime community is really supportive and engaged. All of you adults out there who have kids, work with kids, and love kids: join them in their slime creating fun. It’s awesome and it will bring back childhood memories.

Slime is science based, slime is a tactile sensory play, and creates adult/kid connections. Discover the many benefits of playing with slime that you may not have even realized. I don’t think that slime gets a fair rap because media always manages to pick up on the bad stuff of a trend and repeat the crazy stuff for viral posts and shares.

I also make the slimes with my customers choice of activator (pro tip: use contact lens solution). Slime is so much more than a fad, obsession or trend.

Playing with slime is not just something to do. It’s a potential gateway to fun and healthy conversations with your kids, but it’s all in how you perceive slime and ASMR. If you think it’s silly and useless, you lose the chance for a connection. If you run with it and play with awesome homemade slime right alongside them… BOOM! Instant connection. Your kid(s) will know you get them and want to be a part of their world. Who knows they might even come to talk to you sooner when they are having other problems.

Slime doesn’t sound so bad does it?

Our slimes always come with lots of extras: squishy, candy, charms, clay and many more surprises! It’s fun to fit into those busy days when you just want to steal a few extra minutes with your kiddos. Let’s just say kids love the amazing tactile sensory experience slime provides. Squishy and stretchy things like homemade slime just beg to be touched!

We have firmer slimes and stickier slimes, cloud, butter, ice, cream cheese, jiggly, fluffy, clear, metallic and more! It’s awesome, but remember you cannot eat it. Keep out of reach of small children and always supervise kids playing.

I really enjoy living in North Vancouver. It’s so beautiful and everyone is really nice. Surrounded by nature, with the majestic mountains, peaceful forests and the mystery of the sea. We have a bit of everything. The seasons are always lovely. Spring and summer are my absolute favourite times of the year with all the stunning flowers and the bright sunny days. I used to live in Brazil so I go suntanning every chance I have. By now, the neighbours are used to the crazy person wearing a bikini at the garden all the time. I just wished we didn’t get so much rain and more snow would be very cool!

Kids and teens nowadays love making slimes, what do you suggest for people who are new to it and want to make it at home?

First of all, slimes aren’t just for kids! Adults use them to relax at the work place and they can be scented with organic, natural essential oils like lavender and lemongrass with uplifiting and calming properties. All of our slimes are made with vegan ingredients.

The sensation of slime being squeezed between fingers, of stretching, pulling, and rolling the slime between palms can be very relaxing. It’s an incredible sensory experience. Sometimes moms are afraid of slime making a mess. My advice is to always supervise kids playing, keeping it out of reach of small children and always wash your hands before and after playing. And give it a chance! Kids love love love playing with slime and they will be entertained for hours.

Tactile activities like slime making are a treat for the senses. Kids are engaging their sense of touch! For so many kids, slime can be very relaxing, calming, and a regulating activity. That’s exactly why they gravitate toward playing with it, adding the cute charms, glitter and scents!

Have you ever squished slime? If you haven’t, get in on the fun right away. You are missing outl Some kids like to keep their hands busy and this also helps them to focus. Slime is an awesome stress relieving tool, and it makes an awesome brain break for school or work. Teachers have messaged me about their slime stations at school for sensory breaks. Kids who need extra help with sensory processing work will love slime too. Slime is for everyone. 

Is there anything else you might want our readers to know about you or your business?

I used to be a lawyer back in Brazil and was always in love with perfumes. I am much happier now, as a small business owner and video creator. I always try to be a positive influencer on the various social media channels. Always follow your dreams!

For more info you can connect with Sandra Akiyama on social media using Instagram and visit her Etsy website to purchase slimes. She is also willing to share her recipes and concepts to learn how to make slime at home.

Natural Slime Recipe without Borax

*This recipe does not require borax and is 100% natural, safe and vegan

-1 cup Elmer’s White Glue
-Half Teaspoon of Baking Soda
-Mix together very well and add contact lens solution slowly until slime forms and isn’t sticky anymore, make sure to add just a little at a time

Photos of Home Made Slime

Natural Home Made Vegan Slime Without Borax Green
Natural Home Made Vegan Slime Without Borax Light Blue
Natural Home Made Vegan Slime Without Borax Multi Colour
Natural Home Made Vegan Slime Without Borax Pink
Natural Home Made Vegan Slime Without Borax White Fruit
Natural Home Made Vegan Slime Without Borax White Unicorn

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