North Shore Pawn Shop Broker Lonsdale Avenue North Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Pawn Shop North Vancouver

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Given the state of the world at the moment with the highest level of unemployment in Canada since the great depression and the need to continue paying your bills while supporting your family, there is no doubt that members of the community are selling their personal items to cover bills from time to time. You can use online websites like Craigslist, Kijiji or Facebook marketplace to liquidate your assets, but don’t forget to consider using a pawn shop or pawn broker. As you can put you items with them on hold to take a loan if you don’t necessarily want to sell them.

You may have jewellery, rings, gold, silver or diamonds that you want to keep long term, so using a pawnshop would be a good fit for that if you need to access cash now but want to buy the items back later. They of course will also allow you to sell your items outright if they deem them of value or having the ability to resell them to other clients of there’s. It’s good to weigh your options and consider what might work best for you.

Many of you are familiar with the TV show called Pawn Stars so you have a reasonable understanding of how this process would work. Pawning your valuables is as old as time itself dating back thousands of years. Nowadays these brokers are not as common with the rise of the internet and our ability to sell things directly to other people. However, it is still good to keep in mind if you need to access cash quickly to pay bills. Just remember you will need to prove the items you want to sell are yours with a receipt of similar. Stealing something and trying to pawn it is a good way to get arrested for theft.

The only pawn shop in North Vancouver is located at 140 Lonsdale Avenue and is called North Shore Pawn Shop, they have been in business since 2000.

There are also tons of other places to look for shops like this if you use Google maps and are okay with driving for awhile into Burnaby and throughout downtown Vancouver. And course there are a number of new smartphone apps that also offer a similar service such as LetGo and PoshMark making it easy to buy and sell on the go anywhere.

Have you had to sell any of your personal items to make ends meet? Let us know how you are doing in the comments section below.

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