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Vantastic Feasts Food Reviews

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Local restaurant reviews and Instagram foodie photos from North Vancouver

When it comes to culture the Lower Lonsdale Shipyards District has no shortage of amazing places to eat and drink, with an abundance of restaurants, bars, breweries and cafes throughout the neighbourhood. And as a result there have been a few really popular food influencers sharing their thoughts on the best places to checkout as well as who has unique menu items. With tons of happy hour options, plus takeout and delivery specials, there is no limit to the meal varieties you can enjoy.

With that said we are really stoked to have had the opportunity to chat with and interview Karina Pangilinan aka @VantasticFeasts, who uploads great photos and blurbs on Instagram about meals she has enjoyed on the North Shore and throughout Metro Vancouver. Right now she is mainly doing delivery or take out food and restaurant reviews given the circumstances, but you can dig deep on her social media profiles and find tons of awesome feedback. Check out the interview we did with her below.

How did you first get started with doing food related social media postings?

My food photos started in 2012 when I went on a student exchange to The University of Manchester from UBC. For the three months I was there, I learned to cook on my own and started sharing photos with friends and family back at home. My first social media website for this was tumblr! I just went back to try to find my blog and after many failed password attempts, here it is for your viewing pleasure. In 2016, I created an instagram account and suddenly was introduced to the world of foodies in Vancouver and really started expanding my taste buds. 

What do you like about covering the culinary scene in and around Lower Lonsdale?

I moved to Lower Lonsdale in 2018 after living downtown for 4 years, so was excited to try the different types of food in the area and be part of a new community. The food truck market at the Shipyards and the weekend markets at the Quay in summer are fun ways to try new vendors and local food. I love that so many new restaurants are opening around Lower Lonsdale and making the area more vibrant! 

You also can’t beat the water view and the skyline of downtown Vancouver. 

Who do you admire in the food industry in terms of influencers and trend

There are so many fabulous food accounts in Vancouver it’s hard to narrow them down. I’d have to say @itsjosheats for having such a fun colourful instagram account and for also inviting me to my first tasting event! I have gotten the baking bug lately and I’ve been inspired by @vancouversam and all her healthy, delicious recipes!  

What kind of smartphone do you use for posting your photos on social media and what do you like about it?

I recently got the Google Pixel 3A which was long overdue. I absolutely love this phone and make use of the portrait mode for my food photos as often as I can. I just dropped my phone today in some water though… so I’m hoping it recovers soon. It’s doing some social distancing in a bowl of rice right now. 

In your spare time outside of running the business what do you do for activities?

I’m a CPA working at an accounting firm in Vancouver so that keeps me busy especially during January to April. I also have my ARCT in piano performance and teach piano on the weekends at my families piano studio in North Delta. Outside of work I love taking advantage of the beautiful outdoors and you can find me jogging along the seawall or snowshoeing or hiking up at Grouse Mountain all year round. I also am part of a monthly book club where we read everything from Jane Austen to Robert Galbraith, and recently joined a cook book club where I have been improving on my ability to actually read recipe instructions without going rogue. 

Is there anything else you might want our readers to know about you or your business? 

For those non-Harry Potter fans, (so, no one?), my instagram handle is a pun of Fantastic Beasts and where to find them! But instead of beasts, I love letting people know where to find good food! I love being part of the foodie community of Vancouver and having the opportunity to try new food and experiences. I treat my instagram like a journal of my day to day life, posting stories of not only food but my travels, homelife and of course, the beautiful city we live in! If you follow me, there is a good chance you will also see a lot of charcuterie, and, unicorns. 

Connect with her using Instagram – @VantasticFeasts

You can also send an email to –

If you own or operate a local North Shore restaurant get in contact with her.

Food and Restaurant Reviews by Karina Pangilinan VantasticFeasts Lower Lonsdale Shipyards North Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Karina Pangilinan VantasticFeasts Lower Lonsdale North Vancouver
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