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Content Creators and Influencers

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Do you love blogging on Twitter, creating cool video content for your YouTube channel, uploading photos to your Instagram profile, or spending time developing an awesome Facebook page? We want to hear from you.

At Lonsdale Avenue Magazine we realize that some of the best content is already out there published online or existing within your thoughts, it just requires a bit of refinement and changes to the content marketing strategy to reach the widest audience possible. And thus build up your brand.

We want to invite local content creators and influencers in and around the Lonsale Avenue corridor of North Vancouver to join with us to promote the area and have fun creating engaging content for the community. You can use our digital magazine as a microphone for spreading your uniquely created content to a targeted and affluent audience here on the North Shore.

Use the contact page to chat with us and we can define whether working together would make sense for both of us. We love to support local content creators, creatives, designers, photographers and similar and welcome you to come forward and chat with us about what things you love to do in the community. Having a conservation about where you are at and what your goals are will be helpful. Even if we do not decide to work together, we can connect you with local businesses and entrepreneurs who want your services.

When it comes to doing business online or developing an authentic digital community, content is the core of everything and leads to brand growth, building trust through transparency, and market penetration from natural sharing digitally using social media, email and websites like Reddit and LinkedIn.

Lastly, we want to let you know we are going to open a creative office space in North Vancouver where we can all get together and create content, drink beers or coffee, play video games and be ourselves. We will let you know more information about this when we are ready to launch the Creative Lab.

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  1. Rose Lin

    Dear Lonsdale Avenue Magazine.

    Hi, my name is Rose Lin, I am a foodi influencer on Instagram, I love to explore, showcase and promote new and existing restaurant, cafes, bars and food related to my audience. North Vancouver is a beautiful community, with lots of unique restaurant and small local café & shop that I really would like to TELL to the world!
    I would love to collaborate with lonsdaleave and hope to be published in your page to support local businesses. Will look forward to hear back from you soon.
    Thank you.
    IG Handle

    Best Regards,
    Rose Lin

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