Kahlena Movement Studio Fitness Class for Ladies

Kahlena Movement Studio

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When it comes to enjoying your health and fitness and making it part of your every day lifestyle, sometimes it takes a community of like minded people to get you fired up and excited about turning it into a regular thing for yourself.

This is where Kahlena Movement Studio comes into the equation, as they offer yoga, pilates, dance, and dynamic full body fitness workouts in a group setting and through semi private classes.

We had the opportunity to interview Karen Kobel who is the founder, owner and operator of the studio to get to know her more for our readers so you can decide if this fitness space is right for you.

Why did you choose North Vancouver to operate Kahlena Studio and what do you love most about it here?

I moved to North Vancouver in 2003 just after dancing on cruise ships. I was hired at a few local dance studios to teach dance and I decided to take my pilates teacher training and met the previous studio owner of what is now my studio while teaching dance next door. She took me on for an internship teaching pilates and mentored me through my teacher training and her and I have been connected ever since!

What are the most popular classes that you are offering currently and our 
readers should know about?

We call ourselves a movement studio because we believe in all kinds of movement to benefit our fitness, mind, and body needs. Overall we are selling movement. Our main movements we offer are pilates, yoga, and dance. We are bringing in other fitness aspects such as PiYo, CIZE, adult dance classes, Sound Healing, and community events to bring our members closer together.

How do you find that the local transportation system(s) impact your 
workflow or employees?

I don’t find it effects us. We are a big community of drivers as we have to get from teaching, to parenting, to home in a timely manner and public transit doesn’t work for those of us having to get kids from A to B and to work and back at specific times.

What are some of the first questions that new customers like to ask you?

Many of our guests ask us for other class styles they can take within Kahlena as they enjoy our warm and welcoming space, teachers, and the energy we have worked so hard to create. In the heart of Edgemont Village we want to keep that village vibe and community building energy this city really needs and wants.

In your personal time outside of business operations, what do you get up 
to for activities locally?

A lot of my time outside the studio walls itself is spent with my 4 year old daughter, my husband and our dog. I try to get to other people’s classes, but it’s hard with juggling the rest of life, a studio, and family and friends.  

Is there anything else that you might want our readers to know about you 
or the business?

Kahlena Movement Studio was founded by Karen Kobel as a welcoming place where people of all levels can come together to explore, grow and laugh. Our studio provides the space from which you can build your exercise regime one class at a time in a supportive environment. We celebrate your victories and encourage you in moments of doubt. 

While pilates, dance and yoga are serious disciplines, when incorporated into your regular exercise routine, it can bring joy, balance and inner peace.

In a nutshell… I find freedom and inspiration in movement, whether I am watching or actually moving. I have been given an opportunity to integrate my diverse training into my pilates, dance, and yoga classes. This union has lead to a unique warm up and work out that encourages my clients to discover full body awareness by finding their centre, allowing for deeper connection through the mind, the body as well as their breath. By incorporating mat based moves to dance class and dance-based moves to mat class, I bring grace to the mat and stability to the dance.

Over the last few years, I have found movement to be some of the best healing for the mind, body and soul. I love sharing my experiences and discoveries with those who are interested in moving to heal as well as tapping into one’s own mind, body, and soul. Put them all together and you have the opportunity to: BREATHE. MOVE. UNLEASH!

Lastly, what are the best ways for new customers to get in contact?    

You can reach Kahlena Movement Studio by visiting their website, sending them an email at info@kahlena.com or by calling 778-317-6058, as well you can connect with them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

The studio is located in Edgement Village at 3120 Highland Boulevard.

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