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Goodlad Clothing

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If you are a dude who lives or works in or around the Lonsdale Avenue corridor of North Vancouver then you will want to read this article, and for you ladies this is a good read for gifting the special man in your life.

Generally speaking if you want to buy clothing you go into a clothing store, if you want to get a cup of coffee or buy coffee beans you go into a cafe, and if you want to get your hair lined up with a dope fade then you hit your local barber shop. But what if you could get all 3 under one roof? Swag.

That’s where Goodlad Clothing, Coffee, and Cuts comes into the picture. The shop is just a few minutes walk from Lonsdale Quay in Lower Lonsdale, and they have a heated patio with free wifi, a full cafe with baked goods, an old school inspired barber shop, and trendy clothing brands for the discerning gentlemen with good taste.

We recently spoke with Shane Meier who is the owner and founder of Goodlad Clothing to get to know him better for our readers and the local community. As well Goodlad is affiliated with Brooklyn Clothing in Yaletown, so you know that they do things the right way.

How did you get started with Goodlad Clothing and what inspired you to
open in North Van? 

I was involved in the running and opening of the other 2 brother stores that are associated with Goodlad. Brooklyn and Howard Clothing. North Van has always inspired me as Lolo reminded me of an earlier up and coming Yaletown. Gentrifying and growing before our eyes. In order for a retail store to work there needs to be population density and the need for it, and North Van certainly needed Goodlad.

What are some of the most popular clothing brands and men’s styling products that you offer?

We offer men’s denim and anything that goes with it. TShirts, Hoodies, Shorts, Jackets etc. All our products are ethically sourced so nothing is made off shore in China or Vietnam. Brands such as Nudie, AG, Fidelity, and casual wear such as Reigning Champ. Also we carry multiple Canadian brands and Apothecary products whether its Shave inspired or Jewelery for men.

You support local businesses by offering their products at your shop,
which companies are they?

Our coffee is roasted two blocks away at House of Funk and we have many locally designed brands such as Reigning Champ, Wings and Horns, Viberg, and Dangerfield. All made and designed locally. We try to buy Canadian to support our own economy.

Goodlad Clothing is so much more then a clothing store, what can men
accomplish by visiting you?

Just like the title says. Coffee-Clothing-Cut. Come grab a coffee and get a hair cut or just do some shopping while you wait. Everything from gift cards to locally made clothing. We have it all. We also offer hot towel shaves and great food or lunch options.

You came up with the name for Goodlad Clothing by getting inspired by a
famous person, what’s the story there?

James Goodlad is my great, great grandfather who migrated to Canada from Scotland and Ireland. I thought it made the perfect men’s clothing store name.

In the future you may get a liquor license for serving beer on your heated patio, will you offer local beer brands?

Of course. Already in talks with the House of Funk obviously and the Streetcar Brewing guys are also good guys which we will chat with. Its all about local and I will happily reach out to others that I am a fan of as well (Beere, Black Kettle etc).

When you get free time outside of running the shop, what do you get up to for activities?

Lol… not much free time these days. Three businesses in one takes a lot of time and energy but when I do get out I love to golf, hike and most importantly support other local small businesses in the area. I am known to be a bit of a happy hour dude.

Lastly, is there anything else you might want our readers to know about
Goodlad Clothing?

Our denim is all ethically sourced designer denim. Starting around the 200 dollar mark. There will be something for EVERYONE here whether its just a cup of coffee or a hot towel shave. Come take a look at the space as we LOVE the way it turned out and our new patio is heated and going to be poppin by spring! Free internet and lots of room to hang out (from 7am onward). Events to be announced in the future via our Social Media pages… we also do full stylist consults and wardrobe or spring closet clear outs. Looking forward to chatting and meeting you!

If you would like more info visit the store located in Lower Lonsdale at 221 West Esplanade or check out their website. You can also connect on Facebook and Instagram or email

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Goodlad Clothing Barber Shop Haircuts
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