Uber and Lyft Ride Hailing Sharing North Vancouver

Uber and Lyft North Vancouver

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We have some great news, Uber and Lyft have been approved to begin their ride hailing and ride sharing operations in Metro Vancouver and it’s just a matter of time until they start operating in North Vancouver and West Vancouver and across the entire North Shore. Woohoo! The only thing that is unclear is the price for using the service but that will become available soon.

With the transportation issues that we face here in North Van it’s going to be nice to have other options besides driving your own vehicle, taking the local bus system, riding a bike or calling a taxi cab. The more options locals have for transportation the better off everyone is in the Lonsdale Avenue corridor.

Many of the local businesses are having issues with properly staffing their workflow needs due to local transportation, so the news that Uber and Lyft are coming to North Vancouver should be very well received! It will be nice if these companies have ways to get a Tesla or other electric vehicles. As well as for those readers who need to commute downtown for work or meetings, having ride sharing or group rides from North Van to downtown Vancouver will be useful. This could also lend itself to lessening traffic volume on the Lions Gate Bridge during peak times, with more people in each vehicle.

For more information about this read the Passenger Transportation Board news release published earlier today by clicking here to view the PDF.

As well local media websites have been covering this news in volume and discussions on social media, in particular Twitter, have been steadily increasing with the number of tweets taking place.

Download the Apps for Apple or Android: Uber AppLyft App

A closing thought about this is, as you know the Metro Vancouver taxi drivers and operators have been complaining about ride hailing companies and trying to block them from beginning operation, however wouldn’t it make sense for the taxi drivers and companies to partner with Uber and Lyft to capture clients who might need transportation in between their own customer service calls from coming in? Taxi cabs are often sitting idle and waiting for a phone call or someone to flag them down needing a ride, what if the taxi drivers could fill their slow times using the ride hailing apps? That could be financially beneficial for everyone and of course benefit the community with a great depth of options. While keeping all drivers employed.

Uber North Vancouver
Uber App Ride Hailing North Vancouver
Lyft North Vancouver
Lyft App Ride Hailing North Vancouver

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