Zoe Goode from The Goode Baker North Shore Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Sugar Cookies and Recipes with The Goode Baker

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What do you think of when someone mentions celebrating Christmas (or the holiday season if you celebrate in another way)? We generally think of great food with family and friends, paired with some nice drinks like eggnog and rum, along with music, board games or a movie. Every family has their own unique traditions, from popping those dinner roll things with gifts inside of them to opening the stockings first before the presents while waiting for everyone to wake up to enjoy the morning together. Of course many families have that awkward uncle Jim who drinks too much and laughs very loud, or dear grandma Dorothy-Anne who puts a $5 bill in the cards for the kids and asks them not to spend it all on once place. However, the underlining tone for this time of year is always based around food.

And one of the best types of food to make that everyone loves and generally goes well at any holiday event are sugar cookies. They are simple to make but very hard to get them done right while making them tasty. They are easy to over bake which turns them into a hockey puck. But, we are in luck to learn more about making the best sugar cookies and other recipes, as we get to chat with Zoƫ Goode who goes by the name The Goode Baker, to learn more about her as a foodie but also get a look into her own personal recipes. Checkout what we discussed with her below in our recent feature.

How did you get started with baking and what do you like about living in North Vancouver?

I’ve always been a creative person and I have a major sweet tooth, so it made sense that my passions turned into baking! My mom is a great baker and I’d always watch her make the best cakes and cookies from across my kitchen table as a kid. 

What are your inspirations for creating unique baked items?

Okay, I admit, I’m a cookbook junkie. I have so many cookbooks that I’m constantly flipping through and getting inspired by layer cakes, decadent cookies, and new macaron flavors. When I’m not getting inspired by a cookbook in my kitchen, my best thoughts come to me right before I’m about to fall asleep. It’s sort of like when people get their great ideas in the shower, mine is when my head hits the pillow.

Where do you see yourself taking your business long term and what are your goals?

I’d love to continue growing my client-base and one day, publish my own cookbook. Publishing a cookbook has always been a dream of mine – one day!

Zoe Goode The Goode Baker

What are your favourite Instagram accounts to follow for motivation?

Oh, that’s easy! @thebakefeed I’ve been obsessed with forever, I’ve been reading their magazine for years. I also love @bromabakery, @stylesweetdaily, @buttermilkbysam@brownedbutterblondie. Their food photography is incredible and they have recipes on their blog to follow. 

Do you have plans to create a recipe cookbook in the future and if so what would that look like?

Yes, I do – It’s actually a dream of mine! I’d make a cookbook filled with bakery-quality treats you can make from home. I’ve spent countless hours trying to get my macarons to work, or my cakes not to dry out, or my cookies to be soft and chewy all the way through. I’d love to share my tips back with the everyday home baker so they can create incredible treats just like their favourite bakery to share with family and friends.

In your spare time outside of running the business what do you do for activities?

I actually have a full-time job in marketing! Otherwise, you can find me hiking the north shore trails with my dog or searching for the best espresso at a local coffee shop – I’m a coffee addict. If you would like to get a new recipe from me such as sugar cookies, or buy baked goods or even just talk about cooking culture, I would enjoy speaking you with directly. You can reach me at the contact information below. Happy Holidays!

For more info you can visit her website and connect on Instagram.

Reach her directly by emailing – thegoodebaker@gmail.com

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