Online Consulting for Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Product Questions for doTERRA using Video Conference Calls

Online Video Consulting for Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Questions

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Do you have questions related to essential oils and aromatherapy? Or perhaps just general health and wellness type questions? The best way to find the answer is to speak with a Registered, Insured and Licensed Aromatherapist to find the answers you need to optimize your well-being. There are literally millions of websites online with misinformation about how and why to use essential oils, and speaking with the correct person will allow you to find peace of mind and a deep understanding of why and how to use your aromatherapy products.

In this article we get to learn from Lou Meggiato of Mandala Essentials to find out about her business and career and how she consults with people from around the world using video conference calls to stay connected. She is based here in North Vancouver but is accessible to anyone around the world who may have needs related to essential oils. If you would like to speak with her directly you can find her contact information at the bottom of this magazine feature. You can have a one on one video call with her to have all of your needs taken care of in a way that is comfortable and accessible to everyone. She is a member of the BCAOA and went to Langara College for her Aromatherapy training, on top of having a Masters Degree in design from the United Kingdom.

What is Mandala Essentials and how do you enjoy operating out of North Vancouver? 
Mandala Essentials is home to a few different services that focus on the well being of a person, physically, emotionally and mentally. Our primary function is holistic wellness using essential oils. We offer aromatherapy consultations, personalized essential oil blending, aromatherapy workshops, education, iTOVI galvanic skin tests and women’s wellness retreats, both in person and online. We also sell and supply essential oils both at retail and wholesale through our online store.  
As a business we have been operating for 4 years, but in spirit for much longer, and it has been a chance to offer our clients personalized guidance and support to help create balance and wellness for themselves and their families. For many, it is also an opportunity to learn new skills and instigate self care into their every day lives. I am a registered Aromatherapist with the BCAOA (British Columbia Alliance of Aromatherapy) and the CAOA (Canadian Alliance of Aromatherapy) and also a certified experienced yoga teacher and trainer with Yoga Alliance. I really enjoy the vibrant community of North Vancouver. I am originally from England and I find British Columbia to be much more health conscious and aware. It has been a great base for us as we are easily accessible from Squamish, Whistler and the Lower Mainland.

What are all of the products and services you offer to your customers globally? 
We have hundreds of essential oils and natural products that are available globally on our online store. Our store allows you to select your country and then have your products shipped directly to you. You can shop at retail or enjoy member benefits and pricing by getting a yearly account like you do at Costco.  

As our customer base is global, so are our consultations and support. We hold our customers hand through the process of ordering the best products for themselves and their families. We also then continue to work with them so that they know how best to use them and are able to access the guidance they need every step of the way. 
Our online women’s retreats and workshops are also available globally through our website.
Why do you choose to work with doTERRA and what makes them special? 
After completing my studies at Langara College for Aromatherapy, I spent many months researching the efficacy and quality of different brands of essential oils. What I found was that many oils were not what they stated they were. There was a lot of secrecy behind what was in a bottle, where it comes from and how pure it is.

Unfortunately there are no regulations or standards for essential oils, which means they can say whatever they would like on the bottle with little to no consequences. 
Over 95% of essential oils on the market are adulterated in some way and this is always done to cut costs. Adulteration means that the oil you are buying is not a pure natural essential oil.  
You will find some oils will be fully synthetic, which means they are not a plant but synthetic fragrances in a bottle. This is problematic if you are hoping to have the therapeutic benefits of the natural plant, not to mention the extra chemicals you are confronted with.   
Some oils will be mixed with cheaper essential oils. Cinnamon bark, for example, is a very expensive oil and so sometimes they will switch oils to a cheaper one like Cassia, which smells similar. Melissa is a very expensive oil too and so it will often have Lemongrass added to it to make it cheaper. 
Diluting the oil without the customer knowledge, is also a way that manufacturers cut down their costs. Rose is an extremely expensive essential oil due to the quantity of plant material needed to make even a very small bottle. Rose also has a very strong smell, therefore if a carrier oil was added to it, not many people would realize.    
doTERRA, I found was very different in every facet of the essential oil industry and that was something I wanted to be able to offer my clients. I work with pregnant moms, new born babies, elderly, those who are very sick as well as anyone seeking natural support. Therefore the quality of essential oils that I use needs to be able to provide the best care and results possible. I use the same oils with my family as I do with my clients. doTERRA are very transparent about their testing policies, their sourcing, the farms and distilleries they use. This has helped them to be a company that is known for quality and purity.  
I was fortunate enough in the last 3 years to travel to both Kenya and Nepal on co-impact sourcing trips with doTERRA (photos below). I was able to be involved with the communities in these impoverished regions. We helped build a hospital in the Makwanpur region of Nepal, where prior to this the nearest one was a precarious 8 hour drive away. In Kenya we were able to help the locals install a fence around the elementary school in the village to keep the animals out and the kids safe and learning. It was so refreshing to witness first hand the difference that large companies can make when their focus is everyone rising and succeeding and not on huge profit margins.  
After the pandemic eases up a bit, what kinds of women’s retreats are you going to host locally? 
We will be offering full day and weekend retreats. Each retreat that we offer is different. We work with other holistic practitioners to bring an array of offerings that are all based around wellness and self care. It is more important than it has ever been before for our mental health as well as physical health to make self care a priority and not a luxury. Our mental wellness directly correlates to our immune function and over overall physical health.   
How can people book online video consulting with you to ask questions about essential oils or aromatherapy? 
They can book a session either through our website below or through one of our social media platforms, we are on Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.
Additionally right now we are offering to any new customer buying a wholesale membership with us, to enjoy up to 4 free consultations a year to help support them in their journey with essential oils.  
What happens during the video consultations online with new and existing customers? 
Each new client will be sent a detailed health intake form by email to complete before our first consultation. This allows time to review all the relevant and pertinent information so that during the consultation we can delve a little deeper and create a wellness plan specifically for the client.  
Existing clients can set consultations up as needed. Some will have them monthly, while others prefer every 3 months.  
The calls generally last 1 hour and we will explore the clients needs and challenges and create protocols to support them. We can use Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Facebook or similar apps to make it easy for you.
What are the first essential oil products that you recommend people buy for themselves or as gifts? 
Most people know that essential oils can be relaxing but aren’t aware that they can help with ailments and challenges that the physical body is dealing with. 

The kit that I recommend as a starter to essential oils is called the Healthy Starter Kit. It comes with the 10 most used essential oils as well as a diffuser. Using a diffuser can help to cleanse our environment plus it works directly with our emotions. Topical use of the oils allows the oils to work on all of our body systems so can help promote restful sleep, reduce inflammation, promote clear airways, support circulation, healthy digestion as well as ease discomfort in the body.  
What kinds of things can people do with essential oils at home or within the office? 
Diffusing is one of the easiest ways to get started with essential oils and is very cost effective. The oils can be used to cleanse the air, create a calming mood or even to motivate and help you focus.  
I also teach a lot of people how they can make their own cleaning products and how simple and cost effective this is. I think a lot of people do not realize how toxic most air fresheners are or that inside our home is 2-5 times more toxic than outside because of cleaners, washing detergents, dryer sheets and toiletries that we use. It has even been discovered that some homes are 100 times more toxic and as a mother this was really off-putting to me.
What we put around our bodies is as important as what we put in our bodies. The average household has 62 toxic chemicals in it.  
We can use essential oils for cleaning, for making our homes smell great, supporting our bodies, skincare and so much more.  
After you took your masters degree in sportswear design, how did you find yourself becoming an aromatherapist? 
I loved the design world for over a decade but it was very stressful and over time it just didn’t align with my values anymore. I began to take courses, in my spare time, that focused on holistic wellness and supporting our mental and physical health.  
When my daughter was 5 years old she suddenly was challenged with a health condition that left me as her mother feeling helpless. Essential oils were introduced into my life at that time by a friend. I was so hopeful because as we started to use them my whole family began to enjoy the supportive benefits including my daughter. That is when I fell in love with oils and decided to go back to education so that I could support more families and people generally looking for help.     
What do you get up to for fun outside of your work life during your personal time here on the North Shore? 
Well my work life isn’t really work because I love what I do but we do live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world and there are lots of things that I enjoy here on the North Shore. I started a women’s business group earlier this year, which is full of amazing women entrepreneurs following their own dreams. It’s a joy to be a part of and watch the support, collaborations and friendships that are growing. We meet monthly for business development and self care. I also love spending time in nature especially in the forests and mountains which we are so lucky to have here. I enjoy hiking, trail running and snowshoeing. 
Lastly, is there anything else you want the community to know about you or your business? 
We have enjoyed over the years working with larger organizations to educate their clients and staff on the benefits and use of essential oils for their mental, emotional and physical health as well as providing products and guidance to set up a relaxing and supportive work environment. When large organizations are able to create a great atmosphere for their staff with stress management included they have benefited from greater staff retention, staff that are not only more productive but also motivated plus companies saw a decrease in sick days taken.  
Another area we have been working with is the real estate industry. A home that smells amazing is more likely to be inviting to buyers than one that isn’t. Using aroma for marketing has been happening for decades with food chains as well as movie theatres and hotels. We also work with several real estate agencies to provide their clients with home buyer gift baskets to welcome them into their new home.  
In regards to both these services, we work directly with our clients to provide the right solution or offering to suit their needs and goals.

For more info you can visit her website to book an online consultation with her.

Email or call 604-719-3037

Lou Meggiato of Mandala Essentials with doTERRA bottle
Lou Meggiato of Mandala Essentials in Southeast Asia
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Lou Meggiato of Mandala Essentials in Africa

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