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Garden Water Features by StreamWorks

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Now is a great time of year to start considering your garden and entertainment spaces outside of your home here in North Vancouver. Adding a custom water feature or fish pond can make your backyard feel very welcoming, plus of course the sound of running water is peaceful and can lend itself to a high quality sleep.

Implementing a custom garden water feature doesn’t have to be stressful or tedious if you use a local company with a great track record of proven success. This is where the team at Streamworks comes into the picture. They are based in Deep Cove and service all of North Vancouver and the North Shore. We chatted with Marcel Koller to get to know the company better for our readers. If you are looking for a custom garden water feature at your house we suggest calling them with your questions. They do everything from ponds to waterfalls and everything in between.

Streamworks Designs Logo
How did you get started with Streamworks Designs and what do you like about operating in North Vancouver?
For as long as I can remember I’ve been drawn to water, natural streams, waterfalls and ponds. I remember spending hours catching fish, frogs and creating my own waterscapes as a kid. In 2008 during paternity leave from my job as an employment councillor, I was puttering around in my garden and decided to build a stream. I loved the creative process involved in building the water feature, but lacked the technical know how to make it functional. As it so happened, I stumbled upon a “Build a Waterfall” workshop put on by a company called Aquascape held at the local Gardenworks nursery here in North Vancouver. It was there that my passion for building water features ignited again and I knew it was what I wanted to do for a living. Streamworks Designs was born later that year. There is something special about operating in North Van, the mountains, the ocean, the close-knit community and people that appreciate nature as much as we do. North Van has been the best place to grow this business and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Our work at Streamworks Designs is “Inspired by Nature“, and there is no better place in the world that nurtures this company value.
What are the products, services and brands that you offer to customers?
Our customers are provided a lifestyle, and people with a Streamworks pond or waterfall understand what that means. We’ve been told that having a pond, stream or fountain is “the best investment you can make in your yard”. The gentle sound of running water and the tranquility that water brings to a space is incomparable. We design and install custom ponds, waterfalls and fountainscapes that resemble our natural surroundings here in British Columbia. We also offer water feature maintenance to people who want to keep their ponds and waterfalls pristine and tended too year round! People who entertain regularly or spend a lot of time in their yard appreciate a well kept, healthy water feature to enjoy. As certified Aquascape Contractors, we are just as invested in our customer’s water features as they are, because that’s all we do! Our team of four, highly trained water feature superstars can answer any questions you may have about water features. We are driven to be as sustainable as possible and offer products that promote natural ecosystems. Our three products, Ecosystem Ponds, Pondless Waterfalls and custom Fountain Scapes use natural bio-filtration to provide crystal clear water and low maintenance. We are proud to use zero chemicals in our products but rather promote natural ecosystems to do the work for you! Low maintenance, pristine water and natural systems are our values.
If our readers want to purchase products or services from you what is the best way for them to do so?
Check out our website and social media profiles below to get our contact information. Give us a call if you have an existing water feature that needs some sprucing up, or if you’re looking for ideas to build your dream space! Be sure to follow us and leave a comment on our social sites, we love interacting with our community.
Before operating your local business what were you doing for work or a career?
Throughout my entire career, water has always been my working element. Born and raised in Switzerland, I specialized in the field of hydronics, designing and installing environmentally sustainable hot water heating systems. After extensive travelling and studying in Australia, catching a few waves here and there, I landed in North Vancouver where I finally settled down. I’ve dabbled in a few other careers, but never felt passionate about my work as I do now running a small business and building water features.
Outside of operating your business what do you get up to for activities in your personal time?
My team and myself are big time outdoor enthusiasts. We are bikers, skiers, fishermen and hikers, pretty much anything that takes us places to find inspiration for our work. We have a part time pilot on our crew as well as a professional drone photographer. As for myself, I am still puttering around in my yard constantly upgrading my ponds. I am currently building a recreation swim pond in my backyard!
Lastly, is there anything else you might want our readers to know about you or your business?
Yes, we are the only company that specializes in natural water features on the North Shore, that is all we do! Many landscaping companies dabble in water features on the side, however we have decided to dedicate ourselves to be THE pond and waterfall professionals. We are committed to providing life-long attention to our client’s water features and the offer the highest quality design/build. Also, if you see our vehicles driving around North Van with the big koi fish on the side, give us a honk and say hello!

If you have questions or would like a quotation on your garden water feature you can visit their website or connect with them using social media apps on Instagram and Facebook.

Their office location is 1934 Deep Cove Road in North Vancouver

Customer service is or 604-862-2375

Streamworks Designs Backyard Water Fountain North Vancouver
Streamworks Designs Work Truck North Vancouver


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