Skateboarding on Vancouver North Shore at Skateparks in West Vancouver and North Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Skateboarding on Vancouver’s North Shore

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Skateboarding without a doubt is one of the most stigmatized sports out there. While people are allowed to ride their bikes and scooters pretty much anywhere, when it comes to skateboarding many public places have it banned. For a lot of people thoughts of drinking beer and smoking joints come to mind in combination with this sport and we want to break down that barrier. Sure, some people like to enjoy vices while shredding a skatepark, but not all of them. We know a number of amazing people on Vancouver’s North Shore who are sober and love to ride their boards at many places all over the community. Plus, what’s so bad about having a beer if you want too? Remember how amazing the 80’s were, in some ways it was more progressive than it is today, and being overly emotional about everything wasn’t the norm.

For a community where ‘carts of darkness‘ was born, we still have some conservative people who need to get past their thoughts on how things should be. It’s 2021 and the North Shore is more multicultural and diverse than ever before. Which means having an open mind is important while supporting peoples love of sport and expression. Locally here we have a number of skateparks which we will outline below, but it would be cool if the City and District openly allowed skateboarding in all public areas. Of course property damage can happen and as with everything that is not okay, but the mature thoughtful use of a skateboard that doesn’t cause this shouldn’t be an issue. We need to encourage people to get outside and exercise to help with mental health and wellness.

Skateparks in West Vancouver

Gleneagles Skatepark – 6262 Marine Drive in West Vancouver – map

Peter Sullivan Skatepark – 1200 Argyle Avenue in West Vancouver – map

Skateparks in North Vancouver

Griffin Bowl – West Queens Road near Edgemont Village – map

Kirkstone Skatepark – Kirkstone Road near Lynn Valley – map

Parkgate Skatepark – Mount Seymour Parkway near Deep Cove – map

Lonsdale Skatepark – Lonsdale Avenue and Highway 1 – map

Seylynn Bowl – Mountain Highway near Ironworkers Memorial – map

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