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Private Security Guards

If you are hosting a pub night, private event, marketplace, gala, corporate party, or similar in or around Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver including the Lower Lonsdale Shipyards District, Central Lonsdale or Upper Lonsdale chances are you may need a private security guard to secure the premises, check for IDs and ensure a smooth night for all patrons in a legal and orderly manner. The safety of your attendees and the private property on location must always be considered when you have groups of people in one place.

This is where North Shore Security comes into the equation, operating here in North Vancouver and surrounding areas they provide licensed security guards and private security consulting for various needs. Lets say you are having a party at a local pub or using a local venue such as the Pipe Shop, Wallace Venue or Polygon Gallery, you will want to have a professional security guard at the front door checking IDs while ensuring everyone is being safe enjoying the festivities. This includes considering the entrance and exits in the advent of an emergency and monitoring room volume numbers for fire safety protocol.

Many things can happen when you mix alcohol and groups of people in the same space, having a security guard on location helps to watch the groups of people to check for issues that may arise such as intoxicated individuals or property damage as the security guard can watch the entire space and visually scan what is happening and then contact the police or fire rescue quickly in the advent of an emergency.

North Shore Security guards are both professional and discrete and can come in plain dressed clothing to blend in with the crowds while ensuring a safe memorable night for everyone including the event host, venue owner and attendees.

Services offered by North Shore Security include:

-Private security guards for running the doors and checking IDs

-Securing the premises while visually scanning the room for safety

-Creating an emergency redundancy plan to handle all potential issues

-Liaison with emergency personal such as police, fire, ambulance

-First aid and CPR certified with the Canadian Red Cross

-Fully licensed and insured security guards for top notch service

If you would like to hire a local private security guard in North Vancouver you can contact North Shore Security at

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