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OBABIKA: Non-Profit Creative Strategic Studio for Environmental Efforts

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Main photo is for the PROTECT THE SALISH SEA initiative.

Now more then ever before we all need to come together to focus on the earth and well-fare of the planet and its people. The ice caps are melting, animals are at risk from massively reduced populations, food scarcity is very real, amongst many other areas. For the strong men and women out there running organizations that focus on the environment, it’s not always easy to do what’s right. With reduced funding available and the need to drum up donations and awareness, the process can be daunting.

This is where our friends at OBABIKA come into the picture, they are a non-profit digital marketing studio for environmental efforts and organizations. Which allows people to focus on doing the work that is needed while getting the word out there with effective forms of marketing. The idea is to allow people to focus on saving and changing the world, while OBABIKA takes care of spreading information as widely as possible to get people engaged with your efforts. We had the pleasure to chat with Zachary Shoom in this magazine feature and checkout what we discussed below.

How did you get started with your business and what do you like about operating in North Vancouver?
I started OBABIKA in the bedroom of my 4th street house in North Vancouver. Thankfully, I had my own washroom in here and I honestly wouldn’t leave for days. To me North Vancouver is really the perfect place – a small town, and great community on the ocean, at the foot of the mountains. Plus, we have the amenities of a world class city and cultural hub in Vancouver. I also love it because of people like you! I love the pride, and awareness people have of how special this place is, and really think we’re making the North Shore rad! As an entrepreneur, it’s such a blessing to be here with the outdoor access. It’s so easy to incorporate some river or mountain time into a 12+ hour workday!
What are the specific services that you offer to environmental groups?
We are a digital marketing and creative agency, specifically for environmental efforts. We offer our services at a pro bono, or subsidized rate to grassroots organizations & social enterprises that are out there on the front lines of the climate crisis. In 2020, environmentalism needs support from relevant sources – like social media. However, it’s often next to impossible to find the time and funding for groups to do this themselves without sacrificing their mission. We come in as their megaphone – groups can focus on the change they want to see in the world, and we can build their support. To help offer these rates, we offer caps and bumper stickers on our website, at All Day Breakfast in Vancouver, and United Strangers!
What makes your business different then similar businesses in your industry?
We cater only to organizations and businesses trying to fight pressing environmental issues. While this is far from the first niche marketing effort, its the first to my knowledge to come at these tasks with our lens. Importantly, we have loads of expertise in environmental work. This provides a really unique offering to clients because we fundamentally understand how a lot of organizations work. Because of that, we can offer processes that make sense, and a product that goes beyond vanity numbers and stats that don’t mean much.
If our readers want to purchase products or services from you what is the best way for them to do so?
We run a double edged sword – we sell our I Brake For Whales, and Fish Are People Too merchandise on our website, All Day Breakfast by Studio A-OK, and United Strangers Coffee. These sales help us to provide our services at a rate more accessible to those who need it most. We have a full service list on our website below, and would be over the moon to chat with you (no strings attached), about how we can help!
Before operating your local business what were you doing for work or a career?
Up until I opened up shop, I was working with Patagonia directing their contributions to environmental groups in British Columbia. That was a total dream job, and I really loved helping out some of the best organizations in the province. I really saw the difference that work was making. Prior to that, I had worked with a number of environmental groups as an intern, then communications, and then development and campaign management. This is really when I noticed the need for the work we are now doing with OBABIKA.
Outside of operating your business what do you get up to for activities in your personal time?
I spend LOTS of time outside, and snowboarding every chance I can in the winter, on my bike all summer. I really love living where we do, and feel like sometimes I just have to go outside and drink it all in! With the current situation, and being forced indoors much of the time, I’ve dove back into lots of personal / just for fun design work to flex some old muscles.
Lastly, is there anything else you might want our readers to know about you or your business?
As a non profit, we really depend on the good will and generosity of people. As an entrepreneur, I know that you really can’t do anything truly on your own. Honestly, from the bottom of my heart – thank you. To everyone who’s bought a sticker, a hat, a client who’s brought us on, thank you for giving us the opportunity to speak. We look forward to hearing from you and chatting about how we can change the world together.

For more information visit their website

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Office location is 1077 Mountain Highway in North Vancouver

Customer service is zack@obabika.org or 647-671-0200

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