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When it comes to great artists and photographers, Vancouver’s North Shore has no shortage of talent and unique inspiring artwork to check out. A good reminder of this is the annual North Shore Art Crawl where you can meet many of the top local art and photo creators at their studies. We highly encourage you to check out the art crawl if you have time.

With that said, we had the distinct pleasure to chat with Samantha Thomas of LeftMark, who is an artist and photographer here in North Vancouver and you can often find her out and about in Lower Lonsdale finding unique inspiring places to shoot content for Instagram. She can also be found at 80’s Restaurant in Central Lonsdale. Check out our chat with her below.

How did you get started with doing art and what do you like about being an artist in North Vancouver?

My mother was artistic and I remember sketching with her at an early age. Growing up I had a lot of childhood friends who were into art, including one whose mother was a professional artist. I always admired her work and lifestyle. I was never without a sketchbook. As I had a learning disability, I found it hard to pay attention in class and doodling was a way to focus. A turning point came in my elementary school computer class when the teacher called everyone over to look at my artwork. It was the first time a teacher had acknowledged that I had done something right.

North Vancouver seems to be a place where art is appreciated. There are outdoor sculptures in the parks and public spaces and small galleries and coffee shops featuring work of local artists. The Shipyards Night Market is a wonderful place to display my work and mingle with other artists and craftsmen.

Where can our readers purchase or view the artwork that you have created?

I have a Facebook page and I’m on Instagram. Or, if you want a good breakfast visit my workplace, Eighties Restaurant at 110 West 14th Street in North Van and you’ll see some of my paintings displayed and for sale.

Where do you draw your inspiration from in terms of getting motivated for artwork?

Just a walk along the North Van Pier and views of the mountains and ocean is a constant inspiration. Animals, wildlife and birds are my favourite subjects. I like to capture the look in their eyes. I also do people and pet portraits.

In your spare time outside of running the business what do you do for activities?

I love to travel. Cooking and nutrition is a passion. I watch all kinds of movies, but especially like the horror genre. They sometimes give me ideas for my paintings. My newest passion is working out at Club 16 Fitness and I’m always up for a good walk.

Is there anything else you might want our readers to know about you or your business?

Another part of my business is hand-painting on hats and clothing, which I sell at the Night Market and online. A children’s book I was asked to do illustrations for is pending publication.

*If you are a local artist in North Vancouver who wants some awareness for your artwork, contact us and we can do an article together about you. We love supporting everything that the community has to offer.

Photos of LeftMark Artwork

LeftMark Samantha Thomas North Vancouver Artist and Photographer 5
LeftMark Samantha Thomas North Vancouver Artist and Photographer 2
LeftMark Samantha Thomas North Vancouver Artist and Photographer
LeftMark Samantha Thomas North Vancouver Artist and Photographer 3
LeftMark Samantha Thomas North Vancouver Artist and Photographer 4

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