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One of the most important things you can be doing day to day for a high quality of life and optimal health is drinking enough room temperature pure water. The room temperature part allows the water uptake to be more efficient and of course you can drink more volume that way too. Water (H2O) makes up the vast majority of what our body systems use for functioning. As well another point to make is many people mistake dehydration for hunger, when your body just wants a nice tall glass of water.

In this article we had the privilege to chat with Greg Symonds who is an Enagic Independent Distributor here in North Vancouver to learn about the Kangen Water systems he sells to local families across the North Shore. This is a good read due to the crisis we are facing globally as health and wellness becomes the forefront of all of our decisions day to day.

Kangen Water North Vancouver

How did you decide to start working in the Kangen Water industry and what do you like about operating in North Vancouver?

Our family has always been big water drinkers. We had been aware of the direct link between hydration and sickness for quite some time. My father was diagnosed with peritoneum cancer at the age of 42, and through 2 and half years of natural and medical treatments, passed away in November 1999. We were still getting nowhere with the water we chose to drink. We tried filtered water, spring water, and even designer bottled water, and still had no good recognizable results. Something was missing.

Skipping forward 18 years, my Aunt in Ontario decided to call my mom one day and told her about this amazing “living water” she was drinking. After my mothers’ conversation with her, she had got off the phone and watched a product video and instantly ordered her machine. The day it came to the house she asked me if I would come over to help her install the device. I took one look at it and knew it was something special! I started my own research on what I had just installed and had come to the realization that she had just bought a medical device from Japan. I was blown away and ordered my own the next day.

Today, through education and research, I have developed myself into a product specialist and hydration expert. I have realized that we would have to work hard to reveal this new technology to our friends, loved ones and our community. The North Shore is full of health-conscious and dedicated nutritionists and is the perfect community for this therapeutic “living water”. The typical reactions we get from neighbours and friends are “I wish I knew about this “x” years ago!”

What are the health and wellness benefits related to using the water systems that you sell?

Kangen Water is the cutting edge of health care, green technology, and water awareness through “electrolyzed reduced water (ERW)”. This technology provides a new foundation for preventative health care for the entire family. The device uses a powerful electric current to disassociate the water molecule to produce hydrogen-rich, antioxidant water. Each glass of delicious Kangen Water is equal to hundreds of cups of green tea in its antioxidant value to boost your immune system!

Also, Kangen Water technology creates 5 different types of water that also allow the entire home to be chemical-free of cleaning products by disinfecting surfaces and removing pesticides from our foods and creates a natural cosmetic toner ideal for beauty applications. Also, and very importantly, it eliminates completely your reliance on plastic water bottles throughout your day. Health care meets green technology for the modern home and its modern values.

The Japanese have been using this “living water” electrolysis device for 45 years in hospitals and clinics. Over 6,700 doctors from the #1 health care system in the world support Enagic’s Kangen Water technology.

Research suggests Kangen Water can increase hydration levels, provide massive amounts of electrically based antioxidants and increase alkalinity in cell tissues, all foundational to health and healing in the body.

Kangen Water is offered globally, and to all communities, but especially to everyone on the North Shore. This investment is meant to aid in improving their water and health care, all the while saving the household hundreds of dollars a year on common items and unnecessary expenses.

What are some of the first questions that potential clients ask you?

Through free in-home demonstrations, or free large group seminars, and more recently video conferencing we easily answer these common questions:

  1. Don’t we have some of the best drinking water in the lower mainland already?
  2. Isn’t this just another water filtration system?
  3. Why are the devices so expensive?

In your spare time outside of running the business what do you do for activities?

We truly love having the mountains and ocean in our backyard and frequently take advantage of all opportunities to get out and enjoy this beautiful city. We commonly bike along the demonstration forest and hike the local mountains. Of course, all-the-while hydrating with clean fresh Kangen Water to-go! We also love supporting local businesses and try and give back to the community with our time and products through free water share programs and information sessions whenever we are available.

Is there anything else you might want our readers to know about you or your business?

Our team of hydration experts is made up of knowledgeable and compassionate individuals that have all developed a personal testimony of the Kangen Water system in their own lives and are dedicated to educating and helping others understand what “living water” is and how it can help your family. We have helped over 70 families in our direct team alone in only the past 18 months. Enagic has a unique referral-marketing plan that will pay you for each referral that purchases one of these powerful machines! The best part is that you can feel good about sharing this technology with your friends and family members, because of how it enriches people’s lives.

For more information and to have all of your questions answered you can visit their website or connect with them on Instagram and Facebook.

Customer service: 604-312-9107 or northvankangenwater@gmail.com

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