Artist Jasmine Pearl Schut North Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Artist Jasmine Pearl Schut

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Vancouver’s North Shore has some of the most talented artists on earth, who come from all over the earth to find inspiration in the forest, mountains, rivers and oceans that surround us. Stretching from Horseshoe Bay through West Vancouver across North Vancouver into Deep Cove you can find hidden gem art galleries and artists working their magic.

A local artist who is really getting noticed lately is Jasmine Pearl Schut as she works towards evolving her work and expanding on her already impressive portfolio. She is very active on Instagram which is where we first started chatting with her to interview her for the community in this article. Learn about her below and us the contact information at the bottom of the article if you’d like to purchase her work.

How did you get started with your local art business and what do you like about operating in North Vancouver?
I have always been selling my art here and there; Starting from 2008; drawing graphite portraits of favourite celebrities at the request of my fellow classmates in high school at thirty dollars a pop – to selling a painting now and then in the years to come. Moving to Vancouver at 18 opened up many creative avenues for me. Although I was always drawn to a slower paced lifestyle. In the spring of 2019 I made the big decision to take the leap; quit my job, move to North Vancouver, and pursue my artwork full time. This took the form of adapting to a self motivated work from home schedule and having set goals to produce work consistently – which was not easy for me and definitely not perfect! Applying and participating in seasonal artisan markets was how I put my foot in the door to have my work exposed. The Shipyards Night Market near Lonsdale Quay, in Summer 2019, was the first market I participated in. Here I received all sorts of feedback from passers by – negative and positive, which allowed me to speak about my work in a small window of time when asked. Starting with markets allowed me to practice how to express what I intended to say about a piece when someone asks, which was always a hit or miss – it’s hard to express verbally when you intend to speak through your images. I have found North Vancouver very encouraging of the entrepreneurial path. There are many of us creatives on the same path to make a living off our work- and support in this endeavour is most cherished. In North Vancouver it’s just a quick escape to the mountains to find solitude and inspiration in the forest, which is very important to me.
What are the types of artwork that you create for customers?
I am a self taught artist who primary works with acrylic paint on canvas. Now and then I use water soluble oil paints. I offer vibrant, large scale original paintings with themes of reconnecting back to nature by painting tree roots transforming into sea creatures. I also offer graphite drawings of the human lower body merging into tree roots. Prints are available in Giclee quality on canvas and poster paper in a variety of sizes. Three years ago I began my journey with Henna. I fell in love with the natural dye, scent, cultural significance, and meditative application- I was determined to practice intently. (With the encouragement and approval of my multi cultural community, I began offering my practiced henna to others). I offer henna services for; Bridal henna and parties, Bat Mitzvahs, live music events, maternity henna belly blessings, personalized appointments and more.
If our readers want to purchase art from you what is the best way for them to do so?
The best way to purchase my products is through my website store where I can ship originals and prints internationally. It is a simple process; select your desired print size and printed material, then checkout. Your print will be sent rolled, and ready with 3″ mirrored edges to be stretched onto a canvas frame when it gets to you. If you would like your canvas print to arrive already on the frame, that can be done too! For henna bookings there is a Henna contact form on my website. To view examples of my henna designs please see the Henna category on my website gallery page. I also offer hand painted henna candles in a variety of sizes. These candles are popular for wedding decor, or to receive as a special gift. You can find all of these links below at the bottom of this article.
Before becoming an artist full time what were you doing for work or a career?
Never knowing what path to dedicate myself to, I jumped around studying at different universities and colleges in Vancouver. Before operating my business I was working all sorts of service jobs; from nannying to four years serving at East is East on Main St. It was encouraging to work among staff with such an assortment of creative talent. Striving to create a pleasant daily experience for those customers was fulfilling. With the belief that being personable and listening closely to simple needs or the troubling news they received that day – it can make a big impact on that individuals quality of life. A listening ear, an acknowledging smile in a fast paced environment. Apart from this I would try to work on a creative project on the side.
Outside of being a full time artist what do you get up to for activities in your personal time?
I enjoy spending time outdoors, in the garden, camping, hiking trips. Travelling is fundamental to my lifestyle, a trip abroad or local road tripping. I also find music to be of utmost importance. A few songs played on the guitar in my own company, or going to see some live music is essential to a feel good reboot. I believe going for a dunk in the ocean, a lake, (even the shower can work) and is extremely cleansing if you’re in need to wash away stressors. It’s always been important to take time for myself; taking a month or two every couple of years to do volunteer work on off grid farms in BC. To get out of my comfort zone, show up in a new environment to learn and work with the Earth. I’m a big advocate for WWOOFING (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms), an exchange where you work for your food and accommodation which is very refreshing. Just for a while you can abolish the idea of receiving money as the reward.
Lastly, is there anything else you might want our readers to know about you or your business?
For me, art is a way to remind our spirit that we all emerge from nature and we shouldn’t forget our roots. This past year I have been exploring themes of reconnecting to nature by integrating land and water worlds together. In my paintings I like to incorporate tree roots transitioning into human forms or sea creatures to embody a unified relationship and dependency. Through these paintings my intention is to remind myself and hopefully others, that in an increasingly disconnected world we must try to reconnect to nature in order to nourish our kindred, human spirit.

If you would like more info you can visit her website or connect using social media apps on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Questions can be sent to or 778-681-4477

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