HIGHLY DELICIOUS Cannabis Wine Food Pairing Reviews North Vancouver British Columbia Canada


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One of the beautiful parts about living in British Columbia is the ability to access some of the worlds best Cannabis products, as it’s of course legal and Cannabis has been one of the largest industries in the province for decades. Many of these artisan craft growers are now working with federally licensed Cannabis companies to make legal and safe products that are available at licensed retail stores across the country. On top of this British Columbia has amazing wines from the Shuswap, Okanagan and other regions. We are equally blessed to have a culturally diverse population with hundreds of different types of restaurants and food experiences to enjoy.

As a result Lonsdale Avenue Magazine is excited to announce our newest monthly blog feature series called HIGHLY DELICIOUS, where one of our bloggers will be trying some hand selected Cannabis products and pairing them with a regional wine while eating amazing food at a local eatery here in North Vancouver or West Vancouver to write a comprehensive review. We have a video production team and in house creatives who will be rolling this out very soon. This article serves as an introduction to our project, which also has a trademark.

Gone are the days that Cannabis is considered a “bad thing to do” as the science shows it’s far safer for you then alcohol and actually has some medical benefits. The terpenes in the Cannabis also lend themselves to wonderful food pairings and washing this down with natural organic red or white wine just makes for an awesome culinary experience that really exemplifies what it means to be British Columbian.

In the coming days we will update this article with more info.

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