Thoughts Covid19 Coronavirus Community Feedback North Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Community Thoughts on Covid19 Coronavirus

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In this article we are going to share snippets from emails and messages that we have received regarding feedback and thoughts from the local community in North Vancouver on the Covid19 Coronavirus pandemic stay at home lock down with social distancing.

Lonsdale Avenue Magazine does not share these same ideals we just want to put out there to the public at large what other members of the community are saying in regards to everything taking place. Both locally and across Canada.

If you want to share your thoughts with us contact us and we can add them to this article, while keeping your name and info private. We encourage you to email us as the more transparent information we get out there the better.

“The City of North Vancouver should close down Lonsdale Avenue and Esplanade to vehicles and only allow foot traffic, bikes and similar so people can enjoy physical activity while easily being able to access local eateries for takeout options. The Restaurants on Lonsdale and throughout the community are struggling and this would help locals to get fitness exercise and purchase food from local businesses” – Gord T. from Upper Lonsdale

“We should adopt the model that Sweden is doing and allow people who are not at risk and young people to get back to work so the economy doesn’t get destroyed, there is no risk of danger to young healthy adults, youth, teens, and kids so why should they have to suffer? I have read that the CDC is over reporting covid19 deaths, as they are calling deaths not related to covid19 as covid19 deaths creating an unfounded sense of panic, given hospitals are under funded and under staffed. Lets get back to work and start the economy up again, enough with this madness already” – Christine J. from Deep Cove

“Thank you so much to the hard working health care and front line workers, as well the essential service personnel, we are grateful that you are continuing to do what you do so the community can at least move forward in some ways. It is hard to understand what is really happening in North Vancouver and around the world as media and the Government are never fully transparent, but hats off to you for your hard work and dedication” – Jason H. from West Vancouver

“The economic bailout plan by the Provincial and Federal Government is a joke, there are so many hoops to jump through to get financial help. While at the same time suicides, domestic abuse and alcoholism are at record highs across the country and here in North Vancouver. When will the Government come to their senses and put in place a real plan that Canadians can benefit from? Millions of Canadians have applied for funding assistance and only a fraction of them will be approved. What about the homeless people who cannot social distance as well, have they been discarded” – Ryan K. from Lynn Valley

“Small business owners throughout North Vancouver and in particular in the Lower Lonsdale Shipyards District, Edgemont Village, and Lynn Valley Village are often facing landlords and property owners who are not willing to be flexible with lease payments, resulting in massive closures of mom and pop shops and similar companies, what will happen to the integrity of the community if all of the non-corporate shops are closed as a result of not being able to pay their bills in the short term? This will have a huge trickling effect throughout the North Shore” – Sarah B. from Lower Lonsdale

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