Cinco de Mayo Tequila and Coronoa

Cinco de Mayo Mexican Grill

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We had the pleasure to sit down with the owners of Cinco de Mayo restaurant in Lower Lonsdale North Vancouver to learn about their business and how they have enjoyed operating the restaurant for the last few years.

During our chat we experienced some of their awesome food including the Burrito, which was the size of a small watermelon and very tasty. As well the way they prepare their Margaritas is pretty cool, wherein the lime is burnt with a blow torch to give the drink a smokey woody flavour note to compliment the sweetness of the lime and tequila. Nice!

The layout of the Mexican restaurant eatery is both a traditional seating space and a lineup area in which you can get in and out quickly for takeout during workdays. Currently Cinco de Mayo is looking for a new commercial space to move into in Lower Lonsdale so if you are a property owner or real estate agent contact them.

How did you get started with Cinco de Mayo and how long have you been operating?

When we introduced Cinco de Mayo Mexican Grill 8 years ago, there was a lot of misunderstanding around authentic Mexican food. Coming from the state of Michoac√°n, Mexico, and having travelled a lot throughout the country, our chef and co-founder Zaira, understood just how much the variety of ingredients and flavours changed depending on the region. So our goal in the development of our menu was to create a tasteful fusion of a handpicked variety of ingredients and flavour profiles from various regions of Mexico renowned for their cuisine and showcase that.

What are some of the best things you like about operating your eatery in North Vancouver?

Definitely the people. We profoundly appreciate everyone in the community and owe our success to them and to the unique magical culture of supporting local small businesses that only North Vancouver has.

What are the most popular menu items for the local offices in the area ordering takeout?

Burritos are for sure our top catering item for every type of clientele. We are able to offer the most flexibility, best pricing, delivery and also a customized build your own burrito bar.

You are very active with local charity work and events, tell us about that?

We all need to earn a living and progress professionally. But there is more to life and we can’t forget that we are here for more than that. We believe we are here to help each other and that the real secret to living is giving. Vamos A La Escuela International Scholarship Foundation is a passion project we initiated about a year ago to help provide quality education to children who are from remote, marginalized regions of Mexico. If you would like to learn more about the foundation, become a volunteer or teacher or donate, check out our website at

When you have bottles left over from the restaurant you donate them to a local charity, which one and why?

We have been donating our bottles to a local cause known as Hanks Christmas Glitter for the past 7 years. You may have seen his van around or read about him in the paper, but when we first met Hank he was this humble retired gentleman using the funds to purchase Tim Hortons gift cards to give to local homeless and struggling families. Check out his website and find out more about him and his mission.

In your spare time outside of operating your business what do you get up to for activities?

Outside of business, Zaira enjoys physically demanding activities, hiking and is also a boxer and certified personal trainer. She was also just nominated for the Red Global MX Best Social Impact Award 2019 for her contributions to the local homeless through Cinco de Mayo and for helping children get access to education in remote, marginalized regions of Mexico.

Outside of business Ian is also a founding member of Vamos A La Escuela and dedicates his days off to helping the project and organizing fundraising events. In his free time he enjoys off road adventures in the mountains, and is a Red Seal Welder by trade passionately working meticulously on custom Hot Rods, metal artwork and architectural projects. 

Lastly, is there anything else you would like our readers to know about your business?

This last 8 years we have been working hard to deliver the best possible Mexican experience we could offer to the North Van community. We love our business, we care about our team and appreciate our customers. Cinco de Mayo will be relocating soon or possibly taking a different approach/way/etc.

We will keep our community posted on our social media and would like to thank everyone who was part of Cinco de Mayo in every way. Gracias amigos!

If you would like more information please connect with them on social media using Instagram or Facebook and visit their website as well they are located at 200 Esplanade W North Vancouver.

Wall Mural in Cinco de Mayo
Cinco de Mayo Logo Brand
Fresh Salsa and Nachos at Cinco de Mayo
Delicious Burrito from Cinco de Mayo

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