Braggot Brewing Honey Mead Ale Esplanade Lower Lonsdale Shipyards District North Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Braggot Brewing Opens on Esplanade in the Lower Lonsdale Shipyards District of North Vancouver

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Braggot Brewing recently opened in the Lower Lonsdale Shipyards District of North Vancouver on Esplanade East. Check out details about the brewery below and its unique approach to beverages. More information to come soon.

When mead meets beer… this primeval beverage known as a braggot, bracket, or bragwad is made by fermenting honey and grains. It comes from an era when single fermentable sources were scarce, at the dawn of agriculture.

The most distinctive ingredient of our braggot is our organic honey made by our bees in Delta, accompanied only by local grains.

In it, you can taste the nectars of the flowers in the lower mainland: from the sweet maple to the fruity berries all the way to the bold flavors of the summer nectars. It is a unique product of the land and of the season.

We regularly sell 3 varieties: Golden, Amber and Dark. The art of braggot brewing is to combine the right kind of grains with the right kind of honey, simply put: light honey with light malts and dark honey with dark malts.

The founder of Braggot Brewing is originally from the Alpine Piedmont region of Italy (North West). He has studied chemistry (PhD), and now has decided to combine his knowledge and passion for brewing to continue their family wine-making tradition.

The brewery believes in sourcing local ingredients and keeping the ingredients simple and natural. In fact, they make their own honey from hives in Delta and use only local grains. They pride themselves on being 100% organic, local, chemical-free, sustainable, and their processes are optimized to be eco-friendly, with a low carbon foot print. In fact, spent grains are not disposed of but fed to the cows of Eagle Acres dairy farm and even the equipment cleaning procedure is green and does not utilize any harsh chemicals, it utilizes a novel enzymatic cleaning procedure that is beneficial for the environment.

For more information visit this unique brewery at:

102 – 370 Esplanade East in North Vancouver

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