West Coast Osteopathy Wellness Lower Lonsdale Quay North Vancouver British Columbia Canada

West Coast Osteopathy

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When it comes to your health and fitness a holistic approach is usually the best, however if you need to get into alignment physically and mentally, working with a local professional can really round out your overall benefits. With that said, we had the privilege to get to know Warren Hitzig and the team from West Coast Osteopathy and Wellness to learn more about him and the local business for our readers and the community. If you have an ache, pain or a desire to learn how to maximize your wellness plan, you have come to the right article.

How did you get started with the business and what do you like about operating in North Vancouver?

West Coast Osteopathy and Wellness (WCO&W) started twelve years ago when Suzanne Pineault and Melita Hatton met and decided to open an Osteopathic clinic together in North Vancouver. Osteopathy was relatively unknown in British Columbia at the time with only a handful of practitioners in the entire province. WCO&W moved to our current location in Lonsdale for expansion and evolved to offer other therapies.  We now have 10 health practitioners providing a variety of services to support community members of all ages, from newborns to the elderly. We set our roots in North Vancouver for a variety of reasons. We were attracted to the healthy outdoor lifestyle, the preponderance of young active families and the accessibility to both the mountains and the sea. One of our favourite things about being part of the community is running into clients with their children or families at things like the Shipyards markets. It brings a smile to our faces every time. We could not be more happy to be part of such a unique and beautiful community where we support one another locally. Plus the views in North Van are beautiful and stunning. Couldn’t ask for a better location to call home.

What are the services that you offer to your clients who visit the office?

We are specialists in helping people with pain, mobility issues, family health, post-surgical, concussion and so much more. Many people don’t know what osteopathy is, it’s a gentle and hands-on approach to address the cause and nature of your complaint. Our services include osteopathic manual therapy, we have five Osteopathic Manual Practitioners who are all members of Osteopathy BC, a Registered Midwife, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner/Acupuncturist, a Reiki therapist, a Feldenkrais (movement therapy) instructor, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Certified Practitioner in BioEnergetics. All our practitioners work together to help you achieve your health goals. 

What are some of the initial questions that potential clients ask you?

We are often asked if we can help with individual’s pain, or “can Osteopathy help with this injury?”. Another common question is “How can Osteopathy help with being pregnant?”. Other questions revolve around the different modalities at the clinic such as “What is Feldenkrais?” or “Can Hypnotherapy work for me?”. Other common questions, typically are concerned with their health, whether they should continue activities or not, and how to come up with a health plan to reach their goals.

In your spare time outside of running the business what do you do for activities?

Each practitioner is every active with our families at WCO&W. We spend a great deal of time with our children at their sports and recreational activities. Some of us are runners, professionally trained dancers and athletes, skiers and snowboarders. For the most part, we spend quite a lot of our spare time hiking the local beautiful trails, enjoying the amazing restaurants in Lonsdale North Vancouver and one of our team members spends his time reading and visiting the libraries in North Van.

Is there anything else you might want our readers to know about you or the business?

We provide a safe and therapeutic environment to help you improve health conditions and reach your health goals. We have relationships with other practitioners in Lonsdale to ensure that you get the best care possible. Osteopathic Manual therapy is a safe and gentle approach for allowing your body to reduce your pain, ease digestive issues, improve mobility, decrease stress and so much more. We’d also like to thank the Lonsdale community for their ongoing support over the years. We are so happy to be a part of the vibrant community in North Vancouver.

For more information you can visit their website or connect with them on social media using Facebook and Instagram. Their office is located in Lower Lonsdale at Unit 370 – 145 Chadwick Court, adjacent to Lonsdale Quay. Customer service contact number is 604.960.1171.

Suzanne Pineault D.O.M.P. D.Sc.O, ROQ (PC) owner
Suzanne Pineault D.O.M.P. D.Sc.O, ROQ (PC) owner
Melita Hatton BAppSC, GOsC (UK) owner
Melita Hatton BAppSC, GOsC (UK) owner

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