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This Week on Lonsdale

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As you may have come to realize at Lonsdale Avenue Magazine we are not in the business of FYI style reporting similar to news websites, we focus on more of a slow media movement with higher quality engaging content that includes photos, videos, the stories of the people behind the brands, and similar.

The traditional news media industry is going through a shift wherein most if not all future news websites and newspapers will be written by artificial intelligence and machine learning systems. In that way hundreds of thousands of reporters, authors and editors around the world will have to really rethink their game plan for their careers and how to stay in the news industry.

At the same time during our weekly This Week on Lonsdale local news and current events roundup we hyperlink to many of the local newspapers in the region as sources of information to both support them and save the time of our readers by condensing the things they need to know in and around the Lonsdale corridor of North Vancouver. At Bloomberg news nearly 1/3 of all of the content published is done by AI now and that is only going to grow.

Al Jazeera English – has an awesome writeup and interactive map with high definition photos about the Trans Mountain Pipeline and the effects it will have on British Columbia and the waters surrounding North Vancouver.

Global News – outlines how the RCMP in North Vancouver are seeking answers about damage to dozens of trees which happened recently, there seems to be no motivation and the community is perplexed by this.

North Shore News – going green and being more environmentally friendly is coming into the film industry here in North Vancouver thanks to Thomas FX Group Inc who are offering products and services for the global film industry. – recently published an overview of all of the new local craft breweries coming into the Lower Lonsdale Shipyards District which will fire up the economy and gives the community additional places to enjoy.

Business in Vancouver – the Capilano Mall Development is going to be changed around to something new as the economy and needs of the community evolve, originally opened back in the 1960’s.

Vancouver Sun – the local transportation authority Translink is looking at sourcing new ferries for the Seabus route using electric or hybrid systems to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and offset operational costs.

CBC News – the pigeon wars in the District of North Vancouver are heating up as the recent bylaw to ban pigeons was passed, the individual in question is now taking things to the British Columbia Supreme Court for review.

Scout Magazine – outlines one of the newest breweries coming to the area called North Point Brewing and highlights their venue with high definition photos and insights into what to expect from this new craft brewery.

Dailyhive – the signs are being installed for the new Rapidbus system that is going to be starting up routes across the South region of North Vancouver connecting West Vancouver to Phibbs Exchange.

News 1130 – Chantal Kreviazuk recently had one of her concerts here in North Vancouver as she looks across Canada for the remainder of her tour, also highlighting her new Christmas album which is perfect timing for the season.

604Now – is helping the Capilano Suspension Bridge to disseminate information about their newest contest where you can win passes for 2 adults to enjoy the Canyon Lights for Christmas this year.

North Vancouver Chamber – has an awesome section on their website which has resources and data to help you become a more effective local business owner here in the City of North Vancouver, we recommend joining them.

North Van District Library – sends out a regular email with updates on what they have going on in the community and events for you to checkout with your friends, family, and kids, subscribe to this newsletter to stay in the know.

North Van Recreation – has a weekly update of all of the events and happenings in the community, this time including Where The Wild Things are and various places to checkout local Christmas light setups with your family.

City of North Vancouver – wants to show you photos and information from the recent Christmas Tree Lighting Festival, the Waterfront Wonderland, Twinkle Twinkle at city hall and a reminder to get a license for your dog.

That’s about it for this week and as always if you have any announcements you would like included in our weekly This Week on Lonsdale news roundup use the contact page to chat with us.

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