The Extra Mile

The Extra Mile

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Himalayan Life, a North Vancouver-based charity that exists to enhance children’s lives in the Himalayas, is excited to announce their upcoming virtual fundraising event, the Extra Mile.

In the Himalayas, in order to receive education, one needs to go the extra mile. Children walk many miles each day to make it to the closest school. Parents sacrifice income to pay for school fees, and Himalayan Life provides education opportunities for children and families who might otherwise not have the chance. 

Join us on June 5th + 6th for The Extra Mile, an awareness and fundraising event for education in the Himalayas. Whether you run, walk, bike, paddleboard, kayak, swim, or unicycle, Go The Extra Mile to support education in the Himalayas. Gather your friends and family and create a team to begin raising funds for education! Our goal is to have 250 participants raise $250 on average to collect $62,500.00 for education in the Himalayas.

Why go to all this effort? Education is essential in creating thriving children, families, and communities. When a child is educated, the cyclical nature of poverty cannot continue; it gives hope for a better future. If we want to create change globally, we need to work together to offer education to those who have fewer opportunities. 

Sponsored by Trev Deeley Motorcycles, Refinery House, Masonite, Scout, Beyond the Banks, Arc’teryx, Kaci, and Ann Hurst, the Extra Mile is a collaborative effort.  

Sign up as an individual, create a team, or join an existing team and then invite your family and friends to join or support you by donating to help you reach your fundraising goal!  

There will be prizes awarded for the teams and individuals that raise the most money, so be sure to share your progress on social media and tag us:


…in your posts to help spread the word and invite more people to join in on The Extra Mile.

Unable to go the Extra Mile this year? Donate to help a team reach their fundraising goal.

Registration is open! Go The Extra Mile On June 5 + 6th for education in the Himalayas!

For more information, please visit

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